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  1. fireloss

    MacBook Pro 8GB

    I think it is necessary, when one runs Parallels Desktop and at the same time Photoshop. It would definitely require that amount of memory. Since the 4GB SODIMMs are readily found, there might be someone here who knows that 8GB can work!
  2. Did anyone have success with two 4GB SODIMM making it 8GB? The 965 Mobile chipset is supposed to support it but Apple claims 4GB is the maximum.
  3. fireloss

    pentium d and efi_patch?

    I have the Intel D945GCZ board and when I tried to install using PC_EFI and GUID, it just never booted at all, saying that a boot device cannot be found. If the install DVD is left in the drive, then it says that the com.boot.Apple.plist is not found. Do you know what the problem could be?
  4. In that case, what about my original install which I booted into and used for formatting the drive?
  5. Does anyone know if the original Tiger/Leopard used to execute and install those scripts will be destroyed?
  6. Hi, I have a MacBook Pro and I use the Expresscard/34 slot for eSATA connection. I remembered that I was able to have the card locked in tight. Now, it seems to me that even without applying pressure to press it in for removal, it can easily come off. Is this normal? Thanks.
  7. fireloss

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Macgirl, the first post was removed and replaced with a "."
  8. fireloss

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Thanks for the great work! Anyone has Line In for Sigmatel 9223? The patcher v1.16 fixed just about everything except that there is a mislabeled port of "unknown" for the SPDF and then there isn't the Line In input. Any suggestions? (8.10.1 kernel)
  9. fireloss

    10.5.1 update working [PC_EFI & ToH RC2]

    So i_am_me what would be the correct steps in doing that? First download install 10.5.1 package from Apple's site, and then use the JaS GMA950 package from the 10.4.8 disc? Is that right?
  10. fireloss

    WWDC Roundup

    It's not even half as expensive as the most expensive ones you can actually find.
  11. fireloss

    MacBook Pro RAM upgrade

    Thanks for the information. Do you think it would work if I replace one of the 1 GB RAM chips with a 2 GB one?
  12. fireloss

    MacBook Pro RAM upgrade

    Has anyone tried 3GB? Does it work?
  13. fireloss

    MacBook Pro RAM upgrade

    Do you know where the Intel Doc is? I do not know the logic board model so I can't find it out.
  14. Is it possible for me to put 2 x 2GB RAM in my MacBook Pro Core Duo 2.16 Ghz? Has anyone tried it before? Thanks.
  15. Does anyone know if there are any programs which can capture the output signal and use it as a source of input in the list of devices? Thanks.