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  1. Help! Acer Aspire 6920G (ALC889) chip

    Hi mate, I would advise to check out this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=161773 this will get sound working for sure! not sure if the drivers work under 10.5.5 but might be worth a shot! good luck!
  2. hey guys, I did try the iAtkos v7 actually, and it works fine except for sleep. Another suspicion of mine is that 10.5.7. does damage our sound. Can people that do have the update try the following: does your built in microphone still supply sound to your mac and does plugging in headphones still work? With me, it were these two things that were broken in the sound. In fact, even just installing the two sound kexts with kexthelper instead of using the /Extra folder broke my mic and headphones. One cool thing that I noticed in iAtkos v7 is the new Chameleon 2.0 bootloader, this is a serious recommendation!! just google chameleon 2.0 as I'm not allowed to link directly.. Another even more amazing thing is the fact that two finger scrolling now works perfectly, using the voodoo ps/2 drivers, found by googling voodoo ps/2 as I'm once again not allowed to link directly. All you have to do is delete ApplePS2Controller.kext and ACPIPS2Nub.kext from S/L/E, install the package and reboot. Works an absolute treat! But yeah, to summarize, it seems that the only benefit of 10.5.7. is the new safari atm, which still doesnt beat firefox imho anyway, so I would personally advise against updating. I'm now still running iDeneb 10.5.6 with the updated bootloader and ps2 drivers and now everything works, including sleep. Heavenly in other words!
  3. Thanks for your reply, but now it just got stranger: i tried again today to reinstall osx, got sound to work, updated to 10.5.7 and indeed, the sound continued working. The only difference was that this time i installed the sound kexts using kext helper before updating, whereas previously, I only did it afterwards. So I guess the 10.5.7 update does work, but I have to warn people that sleep stopped working for me both times. The EHCI sleep fix stops working with the 10.5.7 update, so I reverted back to 10.5.6 as I really do need the sleep function. Just wondering if the same happens to your install?
  4. thats strange, cuz I thought to give the update a try as well this weekend. Afterwards everything seemed to be working but i soon noticed that it killed my sound. Not sure if the 10.5.7 update is good for us then, just wanted to share my experience. On another note, the project camphor website is looking good, news is constantly coming out so i think that wireless 3945/4965 will be a possibility soon!
  5. Hey DPyro, good to see you're back! I think your drivers are working perfectly still (at least for me they are), the only thing causing problems was sleepwatcher but I guess I found a work-around for that as well now... But you're serious about the intel wireless? That would be just heavenly to get everything working otb! Would that include both the 3945 and 4965? Care to share where we could read up on the status? cheers mate!
  6. glad to hear your sound works as well now, I will update the tutorial some time next week then... About your ethernet, which kext did you use? I think that the newest version of the driver (the one from reader02) does not work with all versions of our laptop. I'm not sure, but it seems like it as it is supposed to work on our chipset but it doesnt work on my laptop. I have to use the older, original one for my ethernet to work. I've attached this one to my post, perhaps this might help you out as well. Please bear in mind that this kext requires a workaround when you put the computer to sleep (sudo kextunload and kextload)... To instal this, unzip the package, then using terminal go into the AttansicL1eEthernet20090322 folder. Then go into the AttansicL1eEthernet folder and run sudo -sh installrelease.sh i hope this works for you too man! AttansicL1eEthernet20090322.zip
  7. cool man, let us know if it works! I'm still awaiting the exchange but hope to have news soon... Since I was playing around so much with reinstalling mac in order to get the wireless to work, I've finally attempted setting up a stable, fully working system again, and I was also running into problems with Sleepwatcher. EDIT: I think I have it solved though, but before I change the tutorial I was hoping you could maybe try this out. I figured out that rc.wakeup does not require any editing, so please make sure you have installed a clean version of sleepwatcher (including the startup daemon). The startup daemon will execute a script called .wakeup under /Users/your-user-name as soon as the computer wakes from sleep. So please try the following: under terminal, type the following: nano -w /Users/your-user-name/.wakeup when you're there, copy & paste the following: #Begin wakeup script #!/bin/sh sudo reggie_se -D PhysAddr -w 0x01470500 -a 0xfc300060 -B 32 sudo reggie_se -D PhysAddr -w 1 -a 0xfc300068 -B 32 sudo reggie_se -D PhysAddr -w 0x014707c0 -a 0xfc300060 -B 32 sudo reggie_se -D PhysAddr -w 1 -a 0xfc300068 -B 32 sudo reggie_se -D PhysAddr -w 0x01470c02 -a 0xfc300060 -B 32 sudo reggie_se -D PhysAddr -w 1 -a 0xfc300068 -B 32 #End wakeup script Then exit (control + x), confirm saving and confirm the file name. Then you have to make .wakeup executable by running the following command sudo chmod +x .wakeup This is supposed to run everytime you startup your computer or wake it from sleep, but for some reason it would not run the script properly on my computer, unless I had executed a sudo command shortly before sleep (and not letting it sleep for long either). This got me thinking and it seems that the sleepwatcher script is having problems with sudo commands. This kind of requires a workaround, so that OSX allows sudo commands to be run without a password prompt. I'm not sure what kind of a security risk this is, but I could not find any alternative. If somebody has suggestions I would love to hear them! For now you have to edit the sudoers file as follows: sudo nano -w /etc/sudoers and add: username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL username being your real username. This will allow the specified user to run sudo commands without a password, and the sound immediately started working again. You can check using the console whether .wakeup was evoked or not btw... Please lemme know if this works and any comments are welcome!
  8. New Search Platform

    same problem here, it used to work after trying it 3-5 times, but now the search function just keeps showing: The error returned was: There was an error processing the request. Please go back and try again, or contact an administrator for assistance. connection to unix:///var/socketproxy/insanelymac.com/searchd:0 failed (errno=2, msg=No such file or directory) too bad as the search function is really something crucial!
  9. Hey guys, sorry that I havent replied in a while. I'm in the middle of graduating from University and on top of that I have been struggling a lot with the new mini pci-e wireless cards and was hoping I could immediately post something positive, but alas... I received the new Aircruiser N300 (dual band), and although I could see it under System Profiler after replacing the PCMCIAFamily.kext with Chan-nun's version, there was no way I could get the driver to install and airport to recognize it. Thinking it was something with the subvendor ids, I attempted to reflash under linux but to no avail. So I gave up and ordered the Apple BCM94321MC wireless N card from ebay, based on the broadcom 4321 chipset. After building it in, I couldnt even get it to work under Vista or Linux, so I'm afraid I received a faulty card. I'm now in the RMA process, but I will be sure to let you guys know once I have it back. This is a native Apple card so should really work but I'm starting to lose hope a bit, as the 2nd aircruiser n300 I had was supposed to work according to some people on the forums... But we'll see. Strange man, did you try setting the partition to active prior to installing OSX? Are you using the EFIv9 bootloader? This is normal, just follow the steps in the tutorial and make sure you have iDeneb v2, and your sound will work! Great news mate, glad to hear you sorted it out! Thanks for sharing the info that this trick does not work on v1 of iDeneb, I wonder what changed between the two versions! USB wireless I'm not sure, I guess you'll need to search the forums for that, but I'll be sure to let you know once I know more about the internal cards. If you do end up finding a wireless N usb stick, I'd be interested to find out nonetheless though! (might keep me sane if I really can't get the internal one to work... )
  10. I think thats the same driver that I included in my original driver package. Did you use the latest version? I believe that one is supposed to have solved the sleep issue. I'm still using the older version of that driver with the ethernet_reload.sh script to reload the driver upon wakeup. Maybe I'll have another go at trying to install the newer version with kexthelper, thanks for sharing this! Strange man, I decided to try to run the updates as well last night, and chose to install all the updates except for the security one. Did you by any chance install the security patch as well? From what I remember, mine updated Quicktime, iTunes, Java and Airport succesfully... Oh and on another note, I've made some progress regarding the wireless: By using the easy-out screw remover set, it was a breeze to get the screw out! I really highly recommend this to anyone as they really are the only way to remove stripped screws without damaging anything. Anyway, after instaling the new mini pci-e card, both OSX and Vista would not allow me to go online. Turns out Acer is blocking us from using a different wireless card and basically that means that the kill-switch keeps the radio turned off. Luckily though, there are others out there with the same problem and it turns out that pin 20 on the connector is responsible for turning off the radio. If you put a piece of tape over pin 20 (check this thread for more info: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=56015), you basically put the wireless card in an 'always on' state and the card started working in Vista. Unfortunately, in my excitement about finding a cheap deal on the aircruiser n300, i ordered the wrong one. It turns out there are two versions, and I wrongly ordered the GN-WS30N-RH version with the Ralink RT2800 chipset. This one is not supported by OSX, as we need the one with the Atheros AR5008 chipset. The corresponding Aircruiser n300 version is GN-WI06N-RH, so this is the one we need! I ordered it off oxfordtec, so I'm hoping it will be here before the end of the week and I will let you guys know if the rumours are true! The only downside is that the first one I bought was only 25 bucks and the one we need costs 50 incl. shipping... But oh well, I managed to sell the other one already so at least I don't have to pay for both...
  11. the ethernet_pkg.zip is explained in the tutorial (all it requires is to run the installrelease.sh file in the terminal, then to solve the sleep problem follow the steps under sleepwatcher), so after you remove the new driver kext from your extensions.mkext file, you can install the old driver package. I've attached my networkinterfaces.plist file, hope it helps although I'm pretty convinced you can get your ethernet to run with the pkg. Let me know if it worked! I hope this solves your UUID problem which is very weird! NetworkInterfaces.plist.zip
  12. Gigabyte AirCruiser N300 GN-WS30N-RH mPCI-e card

    I was just wondering if you had any luck with this? cheers!
  13. hehe no worries mate, maybe I'll move that instruction into the actual steps just to make sure it's impossible to miss... But so your sound works properly now as well? Regarding the updates, I did try to install most of them during one of my tryouts and didn't notice any problems, but I'm not 100% sure on that. I would say don't bother unless you really have to, but perhaps other users have a different opinion on this?
  14. please check the footnote at the end of my first post. it explains how you can make your /etc/ folder visible as it is hidden by default. Once you copied your edited rc.wakeup file into this folder, sleepwatcher can find it and run it each time your computer wakes up.
  15. Then this would indeed be your easiest solution, yes! Do note that the OSX installation marks your osx partition as active, as soon as you put your windows partition on active again, you will see your good ol' vista bootloader. Then follow the cmd instructions and next time you'll have two choices in the bootloader. let me know if it worked out, good luck! Man, I wish I could help you with this one. All I can ask is do you have CHUD tools installed? Should be a ~40mb download I thought... if you do then I'm afraid this is beyond me. perhaps DPyro might have a clue? Whats your exact laptop model nr? Perhaps there is a slight variation within the 6920g class...