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  1. VMware issue

    bump ?
  2. I just installed 10.4.6 in vmware fine, im dead tired however im getting the 'b0 error' which i know is inactive drive where you have to try and go into -s and do fdisk /dev/rdisk0 and flag 1 quit and reboot but my problem is after i have installed it vmware boots straight to 'b0 error' it wont go to the boot loader on the image or on the DVD. I Installed it from an image mounted in daemon tools ive burnt a copy to DVD... can someone help get back to the boot loader so i can activate the partition in vmware, thnx Digix
  3. Installation Problem/Question

    oh ok ill try that then. Yeah i have nForce 4. Thanks for advice
  4. ok so i got Mac OSX 10.4.4 x86 it came with AMD patches on it i believe. i boot it all fine i can access the setup and that but when i go next to the select where to install on it no hard drive shows up. When i go to the utility thing up the top and the system disk manager or whatever it is it loads up and it still dosent show my hard drive it just shows the DVD drive and the DVD disk. I am trying to dual boot it with windows xp i have gone through the wiki and support files for this but cant find any reason why this is happening weather its because its not formatted or anything. my computer is AMD Athlon64 3200+, 1GB DDR400, ATi X850 XT and 80GB Hitachi SATA drive. my C: drive where my windows xp installation is i want to keep im trying to install mac osx on d: which atm isnt cleaned or formatted and currently has Windows Vista on it i was thinking i could format it in the setup for mac osx which i cant because wont show up. so what do i do to fix this or is it what i thought i just have to format it and activate it with Hiren's boot cd thing like in the 10.4.4 install guide in the wiki?. thanks for any help oh yeah and d: at the moment is formatted in NTFS