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  1. Jonathan Ramirez

    BadAxe2 Marvell SATA working in Snow Leopard

    Do you boot perfectly snow in BADAXE?
  2. Jonathan Ramirez

    TV tuner card (Conexant CX23880)

    No. sux.. I found USB tv capture for buy. If you find a driver solution, post please.
  3. Jonathan Ramirez

    Intel HDA Audio Codec STA9274D

    And mic?????
  4. Jonathan Ramirez

    How to get a HD 3850 Club3D working 10.5.7 Retail

    Boot with "-x", download driver for mac in http://osx86.radeonhd.eu/ and install and reboot. It´s done!!!!
  5. Jonathan Ramirez

    TV tuner card (Conexant CX23880)

    Do you have a solution? My TvTunner hardware --> Conexant CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder [14f1:8800] (rev 05)