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  1. Is there any thought about using whine.osx86project.org as an information repository? What I mean is that there are a ton of threads in a million different places (here, digg, apple, etc etc), and many of them are filled with some information, some feedback, and a whole lot of rambling and flaming. It would be great if there was one site that was dedicated solely to the aggregation of data surrounding the issue. No comments, no feedback, only information. Perhaps some polls and tutorials derived from information already deduced and discussed elsewhere. It seems that today most large companies rely on statistics to determine whether or not they should care about a problem. If we can generate a stat that says "40% of MacBook users experiencing overheating and noise problems," I would be very surprised if it didn't make headlines. Information is power.
  2. Just called into support, waited not at all. Talked to a very nice rep who was able to offer me exactly no information whatsoever. I have had both heat problems (ouch, it burns) and whine problems (turn on PhotoBooth and my ears can relax). Playing Oblivion in Windows via BootCamp is great for about 30 mins, until my fps suddendly plummets to like 5-10. Fans don't seem to be doing their job. Summary of the call: My computer is too hot, is there anything I can do? Take it into your nearest Apple store, and they will analyze it for free. My computer whines, is there anything I can do? Take it into your nearest Apple store, and they will analyze it for free. Too much thermal paste? Not aware of the problem, check Apple's website. What does the firmware update do? I have no information on that, check Apple's website. I've looked at Apple's website and have found no information regarding any of these problems. Then there is no information. But if there was information, that is where it would be. Check Apple's website... Do you have any software utilities that can help me analyze my problems? We have nothing of that kind. So you have no useful information for me whatsoever? The only information available to me is that which can be found on Apple's website. yeah, kthx bye. Note that throughout the call the Apple rep was very kind and friendly and I shared the tone. She did not seem annoyed, just slightly bored. I didn't expect any answers, but simply wanted to add my voice to the crowd. Good luck to the rest of you. Let's make a difference! --- MBP 15" rev W8613 2.16 GHz 1GB RAM 100 GB 7200 RPM HD