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  1. Thanks to blackosx! u're right. I checked my photo, it's alc888 i decided to skip 10.6.3 updated 10.6.4 just now the RTL8111C network: manual 10baseT: 10M manual 100baseT: no connection manual 1000baseT: 1000M auto select: 100baseT don't know how and why, but it works now.
  2. My desktop is like this: GA-EP45_DS3LR F3a bios Q6600 8G RAM Leadtek 8800GT 512M after days of work,it worked with 10.6.2 very nice, for months. and I upgraded to 10.6.3 fixed some basic issues It runs 24x7, so, I don't need any sleep. Restart is enough. and I gave up the on-board ALC889, it's too hard to patch and the noise is too loud to bear. I bought a PCM2704 USB Audio Adapter. Sound should be much better. I'm planning to replace the PCM2704 with PCM2702, it's the best USB Audio Codec IC from TI/BB. I have another serious problem, the On-Board 1000Base-T RTL8111 now operates at 100Mbps. and all the settings and ifconfig says it's 1000base-T <full-duplex>. Someone have some patch or suggestion? there's too few people using this mobo, i'm really tired to patch all things by my self.