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  1. Hows this sound? (Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P)

    Hey Unknown.... while that certainly would work, it would erase my data and anyone in my shoes wouldn't want to lose data they already have on the machine. I can definitely mount the drive and copy over what I want but there is something to be gained from learning how to restore a system and become more familiar with the inner workings of the Mac OS X OS. Although I am a noob with with the Mac environment, I have gotten a 2nd system running just perfect. The goal is to revive the other system. I have already figured out my solution. For those who might have experienced what I have... This is what I did. I rebuilt my system on another hard drive. I then installed OS86 Tools. I backed up the kernel as well as the kext files on the working system. I created a backup of the kernel using OSX 86 Tools. Now all I have to do is essentially boot in safe mode and restore the kernel on the crashed hard drive with the kernel I have backed up on a thumb drive. The goal is to not format my data and lose what I have on the drive but to restore the system back to it's condition before it was crashed.
  2. netgear WG111v3 problem

    I just bought this at Wal*mart. Can you outline what you did to get it to work. I downloaded the driver and now it seems to recognize it, but it's not clear how to set it up within System Preferences | Network. There is no type of settings for WPA, etc... WEP nothing....
  3. Hows this sound? (Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P)

    Hey Macuser2525!!! thanks for the response. Yes I realized that later that I could use the R1000.kext. I am having to ease myself into this. I just recently had an almost perfectly running system and was trying to correct somethings in System Profiler and used a program called Kext Helper b7.... Well that ended up bricking my system. I rebuilt it on Sunday, and am very pleased with what I have but a little nervous about applying kext's. I found the OSX86 Tool by pcwiz... and I really like the fact that I can backup my kernel now and kext files on a regular basis. That at least gives me some kinda of restore point. I still have the crashed system on the other hard drive. When I rebuilt the system I am on now, I just went out and bought another hard drive and figure I will ask one of you geniuses that have far more experience how to recover the crashed system from the other hard drive... I get the dreaded circle with the line when the apple with the spinning circle during boot time. Anyways.. thanks for the response. It is truly an art and a science which requires a great deal of patience when building a hackintosh, but the investment in what you get and what you learn is well worth it. I have a couple of buddies now eager to build their own system. Take care.. kmj1268
  4. Well.... I have to admit that I am somewhat frustrated with my noob experience. I followed auzigog's guide and everything was working perfectly. I even made some good progress with my System Profiler and had my hard drive icon changed from the orange external type to the sleek Gray silver icon that resembles a true hard drive. Well to make a long story short I noticed that from building a Leo4Allv2 system on another hard drive that the System Profiler seemed to report things correctly. MOST of the problems that I was trying to resolve in my retail install with auzigog's guide were mostly cosmetic. However, me being a perfectionist had to get everything just right so I downloaded the Kext Helper B7 utility and applied some kext files to fix some remaining problems. Well that was the last that my hackintosh machine that was running now for almost a month booted up. I then got the dreaded circle with the error after the little Apple and the spinning wheel. Anyways... I wonder how many others have had this same problem and how to you recover from it. I would really like to recover my system again, but I am a Noob. I am now operating off another hard drive with a clean install. I am very anxious to hear from the seasoned veterans on here what I need to do. I am loving the Mac OS better every day, but there is definitely a learning curve when you compare it to Windows, if you can even call that an OS. Thanks so much... kmj1268
  5. TimeMachine fails backup

    Hey karaakeha1 Noticed that you had a Mac Pro case from your Hackintosh. Did you already have a Mac Pro case as a previous Mac owner? OR... did you buy a gutted Mac Pro case. I would love to get my hands on one and transport all the internals of my Hackintosh into one. thanks.. kmj1268
  6. I love this site. Looks like there is a lot of information for new HackinTosh noobs like myself. I have been running on this board for close to two months now. I love it. Trust me though, no board is perfect, but I would say the best two board manufacturers I have seen for HackinTosh builds have been with Gigabyte and Asus. I personally prefer the Gigabyte. I have the UD3P board and the only challenges I had up front was with patching the sound. My biggest frustration (oddly enough) was the onboard NICs. Although they seemed to work perfectly for browsing the Internet, etc. Problems with bonjour creeped up when trying to play around with my Apple TV. My Apple TV was very difficult to get pulled into iTunes. I then read that there is a problem with the onboard NICs on this MB with Bonjour. It was recommended on the OSX86project.org site to go with the Netgear GA311 Gigabyte PCI NIC which I did. Vwalaaaaaa..... problem solved. The only other frustration I am dealing with is to get System Profiler to recognize my hardware correctly and About this Mac to recognize my Processor which is an E8400 recognized as a 4GHz processor even though it's a 3GHz. I guess I shouldn't complain about that, should I. Also I highly recommending downloading a program like XBench. My system is extremely fast and exceeds the performance of the fastest iMAc 24" model. BTW, I used the Leopard Retail Install. Purchased a copy of 10.5.6 to support Apple. Much rather spend $130 for a stable, true OS then shell out for Microsoft Vista {censored}!!!! the method I followed was on the auzigog blog You can find it here: http://auzigog.com/2008/12/23/hackintosh-20/ This was an Excellent Guide. Lessons learned and advice that carried me through the process: Use an onboard Netgear GA311 (applies if you are working with iTunes and an Apple TV) Purchase the Economy Pack (Leopard 10.5.6, iLife 09, and iWork 09 - all bundled for $170) I had purchased them individually. Purchase and use ONLY SATA hard drives and DVD drives There are some specific bios settings to make sure that are in place. The guide above explains this. My setup: MB: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P Memory: Corsair XMS2 - 8GB - setup at the moment as 800MHz Proc: Intel Core 2 Duo - E8400 GFX: evga nVidia GForce 9400GT - Dual Display is working amazingly well!!!!! DVD: Samsung 22X SATA drive HD: Hitachi 500GB - (Western Digital Blue Series works well - the iMacs use the Western Digital drives) Bluetooth: Use a Zoom Bluetooth dongle along with a Rocketfish Bluetooth Mouse (purchased at Best Buy) Awesome Mouse that blows away the Mighty Mouse. Sony OptiArc - BluRay DVD drive recognized well by the Hackintosh, but unfortunately at the moment 10.5.6 will not play commercial DVDs - only Windows Vista/XP will work with this. Case - Thermaltake v9 - Amazing Case - just purchased. The motherboard is the heart of this system along with the processor and I have to say that I have been extremely happy with it. The only problem remaining is getting System Profiler to work which I would LOVE to resolve if anyone can point me in the right direction. Broken, Thx so much for the bit of information you just shared. I have a close setup to you and my HackinTosh has been working very well... I do find the sound ouput to be rather loud. I have to turn my volume down around 50%. I am also having the same UUID problems. Where can i find the kext for the SMBios fix. I believe that will also correct my System Profiler problem. I dont think auzigog wrapped that up in his UD3P package. BTW, I also followed his guide and after working with it for a couple of days was able to get my system up and running. GREAT guide to follow for a retail install. I use 10.5.6. Thanks again. kmj1268 Retail Install 10.5.6 | Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P | Intel Pentium Dual Core e8400 @ 4GHz (OCd) | 8 Gigabytes Corsair XMS2 800 DDR2 Ram | EVGA Geforce 9400 GT | Hitachi 500 GB Hard drive | Samung 22x DVDRW | Thermaltake v9 case and 450 watt OCZ StealthStream PSU I had to abandon my onboard NICs and install a Netgear GA311 as recommended in the OSX86project.org site for the 10.5.6 compatibility guide. This card was recommended in the network NICs section at the end. Since then, my problems with Apple TV have been resolved. I have noticed a difference. The card is a very popular NIC card that can be picked up for around $25. Staples, Wal*Mart, BestBuy, and MicroCenter carry it. I imagine it can easily be picked up online as well. Hope this helps...
  7. AppleTV and iTunes don't connect

    I had this same problem with my Hackintosh built on a GA EP45-UD3P. I was using one of the onboard NICs. Everything seemed to work fine except for the connection between my Apple TV and iTunes on my hackintosh. I was baffled. Internet activity worked. I was even remote desktopping into a Windows machine to do my work from home using my Hackintosh as my main computer. I then stumbled upon someone's post on the OS86 project that said that the onboard NIC had problems with the NIC and they suggested to use the Netgear Gigabit GA311 PCI adapter. I just happened to have a couple around and they only set me back around $25 when I bought them. I shut down my computer and installed them and low and behold my problem is totally resolved. My Apple TV works flawlessly now and stays connected in iTunes. I also can now manage my Airport Extreme Base station which I couldn't do before. Both of these are related to Bonjour. So good bit of advice, unless you ahve to, DONT use the onboard NICs, go with the Netgear Gigabit GA311 adapter. It saved me a lot of frustration. Hope this helps..
  8. Hows this sound? (Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P)

    I am running this board as well with a retail install of 10.5.6. I have 8GB Corsair Performance memory and a nVidia GeForce 9400GT 1GB Card with an E8400 Processor, Intel Core 2 Duo. The machine is fast and so far appears to be rock solid. I did have to run the Universal OS 86 Installer. I found a very good write up by auzigog. Just google 'auzigog' and hackintosh and you will find a VERY good write up. One word of caution, although the network cards on board will work, if you use iTunes and an Apple TV, you WILL have problems because the bonjour services do not work well with this card. To remedy that, use a Netgear GA311 Gigabit adaptor and it will work flawlessly with Bonjour and if you are using an Apple TV or an Airport Extreme Base station, your problem will be resolved. I hope this helps. So far my hakintosh has been working beautifully. Best to you. kmj1268