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  1. Cobra03 I wish to thank you for the org.chamelean.boot.plist device properties advice. I am using an asus z87 deluxe/dual motherboard with mavericks dp6 and the only way I could use the second display, my apple thunderbolt display, from the integrated graphics was by removing the appleintelHD500graphics.kext from s/l/e. Knew I did not have real functionality of the integrated graphics but at least came up in full scale. Anyway have been waiting for possible device properties for the org.chameleon.boot.plist that you posted here. I am not that savvy on injecting the other ways everyone has been doing. Now I have full functioning of the integrated graphics and reading correctly in system report. This was the last thing I needed to get to work on this motherboard. Really nice to have my thunderbolt display up and working correctly from the motherboard. No thunderbolt function but graphics up and working. Thanks again!!
  2. I think I will just tell you what I did. It was very much trial and error. I only have everyone else on the forums to thank for my success. I pulled from all sources to get here. None was my brilliance or abilities other than to try different things. In the regular Asus bios I just loaded optimized settings and under the graphic set the pcie as initial and the multi monitor disabled. First I created my usb installer stick as per the post here on the installation mavericks forum: “10.9 Mavericks Simple Vanilla Hackintosh Install Guide” up through step 10. HOWEVER, I formatted the usb stick in the options as mbr NOT guid as the Asus boards will not boot guid at this time. Still formatted Mac OS Extended journaled. I installed chameleon 2248 to the usb stick. As to not being sure that that would boot haswell at the time, I deleted the “boot” from the root of the drive and installed chimera 2.1.1 onto the stick. I then copied my own previous EXTRA folder from my mountain lion hard drive onto the usb drive. As I had to be able install Mavericks to a mbr hard drive, I downloaded the mavericks mbr patch from osx86.net at http://www.osx86.net/view/3958-mavericks_mbr_patch.html . . Install the patch to the usb drive. I then booted up from the usb drive –v, –f, graphicsenabler=no, npci=2000 I got to the install window and passed the dreaded stall at the Bluetooth line. There is a stall on a gray screen but wait it out as the window finally should show up. Under disk utility I had to format the installation hard drive under options as mbr with macintosh os journaled as the format choice as again the asus board will not boot the guid drive. This is why the mbr patch is so important. Run the install and when done, again boot from the usb drive and choose the mac install hard drive under chameleon and it should take you to the mavericks setup. I then installed chameleon 2248 to the hard drive and then chimera 2.1.1 , not sure if you need the chimera but that is what I did. I copied over my extra file to the hard drive. As long as the fake.smc and nullpowermanagement kexts are in the extra/extensions folder, that will be fine. Otherwise, copy the ones from the vanilla install to the S/L/E folder before rebooting. Take a deep breath before trying and hope I explained this OK. I have the Ethernet , not wi-fi, working as well as the sound on the board. If this works for you I will continue so you can get these up as well. First hope this works and again will follow and try to get through snags if they occur. update info if using a 500 series nvidia card: Today, July 13, I wanted to test this again to make sure it all works as I wrote. I used my Asus Z87 Expert board and threw in my 580 nvidia card which I had not used before as I had 680 and 690 nvidia cards in my systems. Anyway it boots fine until it got to the gray screen before the mavericks installation window appears. At this point, the screen goes black. I then actually used GraphicsEnabler=yes and the 580 card booted fine into Mavericks installation. It installs as stated above and the GraphicsEnabler=yes has to be used when booting up into Mavericks. Again this is only with my nvidia 580 card. I also have an extra 560 nvidia graphics card and had the same experience with it. I do not know if a 400 series nvidia card acts this way but did want to update this as I am using the 680 and the 690 cards in my system. Also I put the 580 into my Asus Z87 Deluxe/Dual motherboard and again had to have GraphicsEnabler=yes for the nvidia 580 card to boot.
  3. Also set the primary display to pcie and have GraphicsEnabler=no. I am watching your topic as it took a while before I finally found the settings and install for the the Asus boards up and running but now consistent in running mavericks and installing. Did not need a patched bios and settings in bios were the graphics settings mentioned. Will continue to follow. Thanks to k3enny for posting the bios page. Much clearer than my description and since the German is different.
  4. In the manual for the motherboard on pages 3-31 amd 3-32 it shows the option. This is in the advanced interface that you enter from the E-Z interface that is discussed on page 3-2 in the manual. The option is supposed to be there.
  5. In the bios are you in the advanced interface for the bios? Across the top in the advanced bios interface is a category called advanced and then system agent confiuration and then graphics. That is where you can disable it. You set the primary to pcie and the disable the igpu multimonitor. I just downloaded the manual for your motherboard and it should be there.
  6. I have both the asus z87 Expert and the Deluxe/Dual and to get past that for me, I have to disable the igpu multi monitor in the bios otherwise it hangs at that point.
  7. The work you have done is great!! I have my board up and running with stereo audio and no digital out. I was wondering if you have digital out audio on your board or if I did something incorrectly. Used the final version. Thanks