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  1. After removing the USB3 card, the system will now sleep correctly. Thank you for the patches, MaLd0n! I can work on sound now.
  2. Hi, The command does not return anything in terminal. I'm sorry if I'm explaining the behavior poorly. If I tell it to go to sleep, I will see the disk indicator flash for a while and then it will finish with the fans running at full. I have to reboot at this point.
  3. Hi, Sorry, I must have done something wrong. Thank you for your patience. Mac’s MacBook Pro 3.zip
  4. Hi MaLd0n, I was hoping you could help me with a DSDT. I was given a HP Pavilion Elite 580t. It is a first generation i7. I put a HD5770 graphics card, a FL1100 USB3 card, and an Apple WiFi card into it. It boots Sierra well but does not sleep. Sleep ends with fans at full speed. The files say MacBook Pro but it is set to iMac 11,2. You are much appreciated. CLOVER.zip Mac’s MacBook Pro.zip Send me Mac’s MacBook Pro.zip
  5. I have recently updated to 10.13.1 and saw the screen in the first post along the way. The first thing I did was to download 10.13.1 update from the app store. Upon rebooting I saw what looked to be a apfs error in verbose. It then booted into 10.13. I downloaded another apfs.efi, installed in Clover, and rebooted. The upgrade resumed but stopped at screen in first post. I then updated apfs.efi in my USB installer, booted into 10.13 on SSD, and downloaded 10.13.1 again from app store. This time, upon reboot, the update to 10.13.1 continued with no issue.
  6. You might look here: http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-clover-guide/?hl=%2Bclover+%2Bguide They have some support for the 5420.
  7. Mac Hosehead

    Problem with 10.12.4 update [HP EliteBook 840]

    This was happening to me as well. Make sure you have FakeSMC installed in S/L/E before the update. Thanks to @cuthead for the clue-in. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/315577-timeout-kextd-appleacpicpu-error-and-black-screen/
  8. This works for my BT mouse, thank you!
  9. Mac Hosehead

    USB Bluetooth dongle recognized but non-functional

    This is a little similar to this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/316128-magic-mouse-and-apple-keyb-doesnt-auto-connect-after-reboot/ After the 10.12.1 update, I had to do the procedure where I booted the machine without the dongle and then inserted it and pair again. Previously, I have only done this on a USB 2 port but I just moved it to a USB 3 port and it still works. I did notice your PID/VID does not match mine. I have: PID: 0x21E8 VID: 0x0A5C Mine is also identified as a Broadcom manufacturer. -MH
  10. I don't know if you'll have luck with this but this is the CSR BT dongle I am using: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ORICO-USB-Mini-Wireless-Bluetooth-4-0-Adapter-For-PC-Laptop-CSR8510-MAC-BTA-402-/201592007352?hash=item2eefd1eab8:g:JFYAAOSwn8FXRpm~ I can switch between this and the IOGear now and I only have to pair again. This is system I'm using it on: GA-Z77X-UP5 TH GTX650 ti i7-3770
  11. Well since I do own this IOGear adapter and I own an Apple Magic mouse and wireless keyboard, I tried this on a recent install of Sierra on my hack. I again had problems pairing after a reboot. However, I did happen to see this on an Amazon review: I tried an experiment, which ultimately worked for me anyway. I booted up with the IOGear dongle removed. I plugged in a wired USB mouse, which you will need after you disable your bluetooth mouse. I then disconnected (unpaired) my bluetooth keyboard and mouse. After doing that, and now using the USB mouse, I then turned off bluetooth. I plugged in the IOGear dongle and turned bluetooth back on. I verified that the IOGear dongle was working. I then went into system preferences for the mouse and keyboard and reconnected (paired) my bluetooth mouse and keyboard, which made them now paired to the new IOGear dongle. When I rebooted, the system now defaulted to the new IOGear Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. This did work for me, so this adapter should work fine.
  12. I have had a similar experience with IOGear BT dongle. I have always had a good experience with reconnecting using CSR BT dongle. They are cheap on ebay.