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  1. MacOS 10.12.3 (16D32) is OuT!

    Which drivers do you mean? Pls, give more information (or link). Tnx.
  2. AppleRTC Patch Problem .

    Here it is: link.
  3. AppleRTC Patch Problem .

    I have tried different variants, but troubles are staying. I have no ideas, what I can to try.
  4. AppleRTC Patch Problem .

    I have disconnected all of other devices. There are external devices, witch connected at the moment: one monitor (in DP), mouse, wireless keyboard. The first attempt of the test is fail: there is no sandforce SSD in BIOS detected . Trying to change Repost video setting and repeat the test. === ADD: I have no setting with "Repost video on S3 resume"= No. Only variants are: "S1 (POS) only", "S3 only" and "Auto". There is variant "S1 only" selected.
  5. AppleRTC Patch Problem .

    Hi everyone. Here are results: link. Direct links: list of kexts from SLE list of kexts from LE fotos of the BIOS Energy saver Settings contains only one checkpoint: lists_of_kexts.zip
  6. AppleRTC Patch Problem .

    Unbelievable! Audio and Sleep are working with original kexts. Reboot have done without CMOS reset! Behaviour of sleep and wake seems like this post, but that's not a big deal. Big THANK for Your help and time! ==== Update: but my sandforce SSD is still dying at reboot.
  7. AppleRTC Patch Problem .

    Jolly, I have HDA Enabler inside AppleHDA.kext OK, I trying your instructions.
  8. AppleRTC Patch Problem .

    Config.plist is absolutely the same as one in signature. There are kext installed in my system: /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/ AppleRTC.kext (temporary installed, source: link) AtherosL1eEthernet.kext FakeSMC.kext /Volumes/MacOS/System/Library/Extensions/ AppleHDA.kext (in attachment) Audio is enabled by kext AppleHDA.kext. About screens: I have 2 monitors, witch are connected to gtx 970 by: 1) DP and 2) DVI through the HDMI. The resolution are 1920*1080 and 1600*1200. AppleHDA.kext.zip
  9. AppleRTC Patch Problem .

    There are 2 archievs in attachment: 1-st one contains ACPI tree and all ACPI tables from win, 2-nd one - only clean DSDT. clean_dsdt.zip 20160410_DSDT_extract_by_AIDA64.zip
  10. AppleRTC Patch Problem .

    I was trying several variants of kexts and patches, but only one have to work at now: link. Simultaneously, there is one problem with this kext: one of my SSD (spec., SandForce) do not determined in the system after waking. And I can't see the disk in the BIOS during the next reboot. To fix this problem I need to disconnect the power supply from disk and plug it again in a while. There is no problem with Windows, but in El Capitan there is . I hope that the variant of editing DSDT is more reliable and effective.
  11. AppleRTC Patch Problem .

    New test: fail . Not sure. CMOS reset is going when I try to restart the OS. Sleep\wake works fine, but little bit strange. Sleep: the computer goes to sleep about 30 seconds; Wake: If I press a keyboard button once - fans are lights up, but the screen is asleep. After near 1 minute - PC goes back to slep. If I press a keyboard button twice or press any buttons on the mouse - PC waking normally.
  12. AppleRTC Patch Problem .

    Artur_pt, thank You very much! Audio & USB are looks fine ! But the problem with CMOS reset hasn't gone .
  13. AppleRTC Patch Problem .

    I have the same problem. Clover fix doesn't work for me. I think the reason is my old mobo. Does anyone helpme me with a dsdt fix? Links: IOReg, DSDT.