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  1. HP ProBook 6450b DSDT help

    Any help much appreciated, i have 208 errors when trying to compile in Maciasl and nobody seems to have this laptop. A HP ProBook 6450b with arrandale core i5 processor with intel hd graphics I have got everything working bar the DSDT which is sending the fans/processor/heat crazy :S System DSDT.zip
  2. Has anyone got this card to work in OS X? I have 10.8 installed on my Lenovo X131e and I have this pcie wwan 3g card installed. It shows under the USB section in the Hardware Profile as the "H5321 gw" and recognises it as being Lenovo etc. But it doesn't appear in the Network part of System Preferences, does it need a specific kext? I haven't been able to find anyone using this card in os x via google etc...
  3. 10.7.2 - god damn, only just updated to 10.7.1 yesterday lol any news on modified kernel for 10.7.2??
  4. also did you double check the kernel name named in the Boot partition com.apple.boot.plist matches the modified kernel name you're using now?
  5. when you install the 10.6.8 combo update, before you restart do you copy and paste the new modified 10.6.8 kernel on to the hard drive and also boot up with those parameters you've stated?
  6. At startup to prevent the cache reloading extensions every time you need to make cache command to create a cache. There are specific steps for Lion to do this. You then need to enable quiet boot without verbose mode. Mine boots much faster now Just going to upgrade to 10.7.1 after the break!
  7. if you have already update to 10.6.7 then make sure you rename taptun1067_kernel to mach_kernel and then check your Cham/Extra/com.apple.boot.plist reflects the kernel name "mach_kernel" and not anything else.
  8. the taptun kernel for 10.6.7 is on the first page, see http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=89963 you MUST place it into your Macintosh HD partition, delete the old mach_kernel and rename the taptun kernel to mach_kernel (ALL BEFORE RESTARTING INTO 10.6.7 AFTER THE UPDATE HAS FINISHED) use kext helper b7 to install kexts. Not sure which voodoops2 controller kext you'll need though
  9. Before reboot did you put they new 10.6.7 patched kernel in place? you can't just update to 10.6.7 you know... to fix the mouse get a voodoops2 kext
  10. to get sound working you need to follow what the guide said, mammoth does detail it in one of the PDFs, involves using the fix audio script on the cham partition to get wireless working you need to research your card model, do you have the model + dev pci id? for trackpad etc are you using the voodoops2controller? try installing it with kext helper b7, see this attachment for it, when updating to 10.6.7 did you use the patched kernel and replaced the old mach_kernel?? do you manage to boot into 10.6.7 by typing cpus=1 arch=i386 busratio=12 maxmem=4096 ?? I'm not sure about the max men of 8gb, it's to do with you using a 32bit kernel which limits at 4gb, to use the 8gb you need to boot with a modified mach_kernel which is 64bit, there is one in this thread for 10.6.7, should then allow 8gb? VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip
  11. the issue others have had with that error is to do with RAM, strange i know and/or 64bit Have you tried some of the boot flags, mix and match some of them to see if you boot any further such as: arch=i386 maxmem=4096 does this work?
  12. why are all your screenshots different? which is the one immediately before shutdown??
  13. I'm sorry I'm really confused, iv tried messing with my DSDT, i get the brightness slider now but it doesn't work. Taptun are you able to look at my DSDT that worked in snow leopard for me?? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=98908
  14. sorry that DSDT doesn't work, I reboot and it tells me I have a 7mb graphics card