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  1. Overclocking Problem

    The 945G incorporates Intel onboard graphics.
  2. Overclocking Problem

    Well the 805 costs less than £100. Spend £30-£40 on cooling and it will run like a D960 which costs about £360. But, money matters aside, its FUN!!
  3. Overclocking Problem

    How do you figure a twin 12v rail PSU is no good for a dual core CPU? PSU manufacturers have been pushing toward multiple rail units for some time now and dual core CPUs are more common than ever. I have a good 450w PSU with a high amp single rail - it made absolutely no difference to my overclock, thats why I'm using the 375. The 450 is in my gaming rig. I use the 805 for experimentation and video encoding. Incidentally, I dont run it at 125 PCIe, I did that to see how far it would go. PCIe is currently 119mhz @3.6ghz. Its more than likely I've reached the limits of this mobo or CPU. BTW Cucamel, there is a bug on the VM board - you have to raise the PCIe to get a decent overclock. I bought the 805 just to see what it can do - will prolly buy another with a different mobo - the full fat P5LD2 looks like a decent candidate. With the CPU costing less than £100, its hardly the end of the world if I kill it. But I wouldnt suggest other people push it too far - Thats why I suggested scr34m should use the onboard gfx for testing. I do agree with you about Scr34ms temps, they are way too high, even after he fitted the case fan. [edit] I would expect those temps at full load. My CPU and mobo temps are 34 and 28 degrees. I have 3 x 80mm case fans and one 120mm. I use a freezer pro on the cpu and 40mm fan on a large heatsink on the southbridge. I also use a heat terminator for blowing air across the RAM. Used a couple of Zalman fan wires to reduce the fan speeds and noise. Scr34m, I would look at replacing the southbridge heatsink with a bigger, actively cooled HSF, also check the air temp at the top of your case after running the system for a while - see if its warm. You NEED good airflow in ur case if you want to overclock. ttfn
  4. Overclocking Problem

    What are your Voltage rails reading? And what about CPU & MB temps? I'm using a 375watt PSU but it does have twin 12v rails. @159mhz you should be ok with 1:1 DRAM:FSB ratio but you could try lowering the ratio and see if it boots at a higher FSB. You CAN go further with the PCIe safely, but I would use the onboard grfx for testing. I got mine to run @ 190mhz FSB - 3.8Ghz using PCIe 125 but I had to replace the small heatsink on the chipset and add a 40mm fan to keep the temps down. But even then it failed prime after 30 minutes or so. Had to settle for 3.6ghz to get it fully stable. If you are using an old case, cut a blowhole in the top and fit an extracting fan. It helps keep the PSU temp down as well as overall system temp.
  5. Overclocking Problem

    Rumours abound that Asus used lower quality clock gens on the VM boards.
  6. Overclocking Problem

    My system is almost identical to yours - am using an IDE HDD coz I wanted to experiment beyond 118 on the PCIe (beyond 118 SATA drives tend to vanish from the bios) FSB 175+ is easily achievable but start with 160 and work upwards. What DRAM freqs are available to you? The VM typically gives three options (choose the middle one for now) Try fixing the PCI @ 33.3mhz PCIe 118 - gets unstable if you go much higher Memory voltage auto MCH voltage 1.6v CPU Vcore start with 1.4v (you can reduce it later) Hope this helps - report back with your results.
  7. Overclocking Problem

    In response to your LAN problem - goto control panel, add remove progs - down the left hand side select add remove windows components. Look for Management and monitoring tools and install the Simple Network Management Protocol. Restart. Try LAN installation again. Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.
  8. Overclocking Problem

    Asus have just released the 606 Bios Beta update. Anyone tried it yet?
  9. Overclocking Problem

    Nice one - let the game testing commence! Three or four days should suffice. LOL Thank you for the reply.
  10. Overclocking Problem

    This forum has been a great help - couldnt get above 3.01ghz until I read this thread. You guys have my eternal gratitude. Pentium D 805 @ 3.502ghz 2x512 OCZ DDR2 667 Asus P5LD2-VM Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro It may go further - think I'm reaching the limits of my ram though. BTW, am still just testing at the moment, anyone know if 118mhz on the PCI-E bus will have a detrimental effect on my 7800GT? Wouldnt mind a bit of advice before I plug it in. Thanks again Spreadie