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  1. I have problem with Lion's Finder. When I click Open With I can see 10 version of Firefox I can open with a file and 10 version for Google and something like that. See the attachement. Can you help me fix the problem please? Thanks.
  2. I think I have the same problem with my Edimax Bluetooth. When the OS Boots somewhere is writing that the bluetooth trackpad failed to connect and the only way to connect it is to delete it from the bluetooth devices, switch it off, switch it on and connect again. I hope I can find where is the problem because it worked flawless on SL.
  3. Lion GM released today

    Do I install Lion GM the same way we installed Lion DP4?
  4. 10.6.8 officially released

    For ALC888 I had a backup of my 10.6.7 before updating to 10.6.8 and I used the old kexts from 10.6.7 to 10.6.8 and sound works fine now.
  5. Anyone installed DP4?

    r0ck3r4ever thanks. Your method worked for me and I am hopping we can use the same technique to install the final release of OS X Lion. Using the same kexts from SL to Lion really worked like charm. With SL I had problem with my Nvidia GTX 260 but in Lion it worked flawless. Dual Monitor and QE/CI. ALC888 as always problematic...
  6. 10.7 CPU-Fan Problem

    I might be mistaken but Mac OS X does not have a Fan Control system. So the best way to set it is to go to Bios and set the Smart Fan system I thing. I do not quite remember the name exactly (sorry). There you can set how fast the fan should run. If you set the fan to the 20% for example then the Bios increases the fan speed if the CPU gets hotter and once the CPU gets cooler fan speed goes down to the appointed speed (that 20%).
  7. 10.6.7 Update released

    Same situation as before previous updates. Delete Sleepenabler.kext or pmVersion=0 during boot and everything works like charm. No Issues here!!!
  8. http://www.kexts.com/view/591-sleepenabler.kext.html This Sleepenabler worked for me but I had hard time making the ALC888 to work. Finally I use the Time Machine to get the AppleHDA.kext from before the update. I hope it stays that way and I wont have any more problems. So far so good. I did not see any other problems. Dual DVI work Wirelless works Nvidia GTX260 works USB work Restart/Shutdown work (I did not try Sleep because in fact I never use it. I do not know why I am still using the kext )
  9. released Update to 10.6.4

    You do not have to remove SleepEnable.kext. If it's causing kernel panic to your hackintosh with pmVersion=20 just reset the computer again and the next time you boot type pmVersion=0 that will disable SleepEnabler. Login and edit your com.apple.Boot.plist with this code <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>pmVersion=0</string> or remove the SleepEnabler.kext from your Extensions.
  10. released Update to 10.6.4

    ALC888 stopped working. I replaced the AppleHDA.kext like the other posts above. It did not work at the beginning but at the end it worked and I do not know how If you have any problems I tested VoodooHDA.kext and it was working just fine too. SleepEnabler Kernel Panic like most people above I changed the kernel flag pmVersion=20 and sleep works just fine again. Everything else looks fine. 10.6.3 -> 10.6.4
  11. Movies pauses

    Hi. When I am watching a movie on my Mac they pause constantly for a sec and then it continues on but is noticeable and annoying. I thing I had a similar problem on Windows long time ago which was a problem with torrent clients without cache support. Because the Hard Disk I was watching the movie was the one used for downloading the files it was causing those pauses. On the MAC is not like this. I stopped all software that use hard disk and the problem still persists. When I restart the MAC everything comes back to normal. Any ideas why this is happening? My Specs: MAC OSX 10.6.3 INTEL CORE 2 QUAD Q9550S MSI P45-NEO3-F 2 x 2GB CORSAIR 800MHz MSI NVIDIA GTX260 (QE/CI Enabled) 2 X LGW2286L MONITORS 1 X 300GB WD Raptor 1 X 320GB WD 1 X 1TB WD EDIT: 21/05/2010 Well I think I found something... I am using 2 monitors and it seems when I switch off one of them is causing those pauses. I switch on the monitor no pauses. Weird is not it?
  12. ALC 268 Shutdown problem!

    Hahaha thanks mate . Well, I searched everywhere. I formatted and restarted this Laptop a 100 times and still shutdown is like restarting. Anyway thanks again.
  13. ALC 268 Shutdown problem!

    OpenHaltRestart is not working too. What's next? I even flash my bios. Maybe there was a chance something new was going to appear in the BIOS.
  14. ALC 268 Shutdown problem!

    My Bios is divided into 5 categories: 1) Main: CPU, RAM, Model Name, Time, Date Information 2) Security: Password on Power On... 3) Diagnostics: Hard disk and memory Tests 4) System Configurations: Button Sound, Virtualisation Technology, Processor C4 state, Boot Sequence 5) Exit That Wake on LAN is not in Bios.
  15. ALC 268 Shutdown problem!

    My Laptop BIOS does not have this kind of options. Some system Information about hard disks, CPU, Time, Boot Sequence and Password but I will look at it and let you know.