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  1. MS Office 2008 Beta available...

    How stable is it in comparison to Office 2004?
  2. Selling the Hackintosh

    Sure, of course its completely different. It's pretty much impossible to sell a legal hackintosh with the OS already preinstalled. If you really want to be completely legal you can just not install the OS (only include the retail Leopard install cd), and strongly indicate on the auction that it is theoritically possible to install the included OS on the machine. You can provide all the instructions on how to theoritically install it and theoritically you wouldn't be breaking the law. But, of course, a hackintosh auction would be more appealing if everything was already preinstalled and preconfigured but that comes with a legality risk.
  3. Selling the Hackintosh

    I think this whole hackintosh selling business will be much easier to get away with once Apple releases Leopard, because then you can easily buy an actual legal version of the OS for the cost of an OEM copy of windows. You can then say that your selling an x86 machine with leopard. As long as you don't mention that you actually installed the software (and then they can't accuse you of violating the EULA), then I'm pretty sure you could get away with selling it on places like ebay.
  4. Resolution Independence

    Well in tiger you can enable a very buggy User Interface Resolution by going to Developer/Applications/Performance Tools/Quartz Debug.app and click on the menu "Tools" and then finally "User Interface Resolution." Maybe you can do the same in leopard?