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  1. Newbie help - cpupanic, won't boot

    gpu is too old i'm told. support was dropped in 10.6. nevertheless i've seen people do it with much dsdt hacking, which i don't understand yet. mine compiles, but not after messing w/ gpu related stuff. anyway, try nv_disable=1 boot flag. that'll boot everything else except nv kexts, so you still have audio / ethernet etc till you figure it out / swap graphics cards.
  2. Introduce yourself

    Hola amigos of OSX-ery
  3. On an ESXi host I had to set : keyboard.vusb.enable = "FALSE" Else any edit box was filled with "...." chars (dots) when it was focused. One point I should mention I was accessing the vShpere client via a rdesktop of a windows 2k3 server, as there's no Linux GUI client for ESXi. Although I've never experienced this type of keyboard issue in the past, it could be caused by the chaining of UIs : X on Linux -> RDP on Windows -> vSphere -> OSx UI. Also, LSI Logic Parallel worked, no read /write issue what so ever, as a poster mentioned earlier. I might give the the ParaVirtual a go if I do this again, as the performance gains with Linux & Windows Server guests is quite noticeable, we'll see if it supports it at all. Great guide, works a treat, many thanks.
  4. Atheros AR9285 fix for Snow Leopard - Mavericks

    Kizwan, were you able to fix the ad-hoc issue? I need to create an ad-hoc network to share my wired internet connection to my ipod touch.