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  1. Ever since I upgraded from Software Update to 10.5.7 I've had nothing but problems. My Ipod won't mount correctly, opening some DMG files will cause a panic...etc. I have a GA-EP45-DS3L Is there a way to downgrade back to 10.5.6? I don't have any backups and don't feel like reinstalling OSX
  2. When I update to 10.5.8 sound doesn't work properly. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. How can we get sleep working? What seems to be the problem? Who can help?
  4. I bought a OEM wireless mouse/keyboard and it was working fine the first day or two, but now it freezes for about 10 seconds randomly. I installed the microsoft intellitype software. Has anyone experienced this? Is my hardware faulty or is it my software?
  5. In order for me to install my scrap copy on my IDE drive i needed to disable AHCI.
  6. I tried for many hours last night trying to get vanilla installed. Currently I have iAtkos 5i installed and it works fine, but I want to go vanilla. I followed the guide but couldn't actually boot up into the vanilla installation. My test install is on a 160gb IDE drive and my vanilla is on a 750gb sata. Does this matter? Do I need ahci enabled?
  7. i have the ep45-ds3l with a 750gb sata drive and i can't seem to get this installation past the boot screen a small cursorlike thing comes up with a white box and a circle with a cross through it.
  8. Yay, it worked! Now what? I set up the computer and successfully got into os x.
  9. I tried the graphics mode line and it didn't work. I get the apple loading screen, then the screen turns grey (sometimes with a darker grey bar down the middle), then it goes black. I see my hard drive is still working though. this doesnt work in regular or safe mode. Any other suggestions?
  10. I installed the 10.4.7 intel combo update, sse3, wireless networking, sigmatel, and via sata ata...just in case i've heard other cases where people have gotten os x up and running. isnt it possible?
  11. Hey i downloaded jas 10.4.7 and installed it. everything went fine. When i went to go boot it up, i get the grey apple logo loading screen then it turns black, as in my lcd turned off. It does the same thing in safe mode. What should i do? Change the resolution? If so, i dont know how. anyone else have luck with this?
  12. simple request

    okay well i started downloading this morning...its at 2.4% WOO. 2 weeks 2 days to go
  13. simple request

    hrm thats a good point. I guess i'm screwed then