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  1. Hi all, I have a GA EX58UD5 that Ive run as a hack dual boot for several years. OSX 10.6.4 I followed the original digital dreamer leopard thread at the time. I decided to not mess with what works so I stayed there... Now my daughter decided that it was to old and ran a Apple software update to 10.6.8 without asking... After a reboot it wont start anymore, and as its been a long time since i dabbled I dont really know what's the best way forward. I would prefer not to have to restart all over though. to many programs and stuff to trash it. The Chameleon bootloader is still active and can see the OSX partition, but when I try to boot it it gives me aKP when loading the CPU power managment kext ( I think) I'm still dual booting with W7 but I dont have access to another mac at the moment. Ideas or suggestions on how to proceed much appreciated!
  2. So I have My Snow Leopard install and Windows 7 install. They are installed on two seperate disks. I cant seem to get the last bit working here... As soon as I make OSX Active with terminal I brake W7 booting. Repairing W7 and finally getting in to W7 Seems to brake OSX/Chamelion booting. Now it looks like I'm back at square one with verifying DMI Pool Data and a bloody flashing cursor. If anyone can pint me to a proper guide I'd be most appreciated, as I have spent all night messing with this and I relly cant see where I go wrong... Assistance highly appreciated Erik
  3. I know this isnt a thread for graphics issues but... I have this gfx card ASUS GEFORCE 9500GT 1GB GDDR2 PCI-E VGA/DVI/HDMI I had a bit of a struggle to get it working properly with 10.5.6 and 10.5.7 Now I tried to install 10.6.2 I cant get it to diaplay any other res than 1024x768, and my scren is 1920x1080 I might just have to get another gfx card (suggestion on what card appreciated!) or if someone has one I'd appreciate some pointers. I cant seem to get anything happening with the NVid kexts included in DD's sownload. Could there be a conflict? Ideas and pointers appreciated!
  4. Thanks AppleII, I wasn't clear enough. I do know how to migrate from my current setup, and understand that I can just update to get there. My main concern is to do with how to run the script/format drive etc to accomodate dual booting with Windows 7. I have one more internal drive thta's empty and an empty extrenal one as well to bump stuff around on. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year Thanks Erik
  5. Sorry guys, I did try to search and scan through the thread... I'm still on 10.5.7, and I have a goal to have a dual boot W7/OS X 10.6 system. Ive used DD's way to get to 10.5.7 a while ago. Is this a good way to go, and does anyone have any good ideas how to go about it? Any pointers? Or perhaps in these 78 pages this have already been discussed, and I just cant find it? Advice appreciated!
  6. Hi all SInce I updated to 10.5.7 all works ok out of the box with the installer instructions... APART from: Quartz Extreme. So any suggestions on how to get it working? The card is a Asus EN9500GT. I've read the big old thread on that card as well, but when I follow the instructions using OSX86Tools I can't write to the apple.com.boot.plist It results in a Apple Script error /bin/sh: /Volumes/OS: No such file or directory (127) Anyone have any idea of where to go from here?
  7. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    Hi Guys and gals... ok so I'm trying to get my card running with QE on 10.5.7 But when i hit the write to: 'com.apple.Boot.plist' It wont do it but will report: AppleScript Error, /bin/sh: /Volumes/OS: No such file or directory (127) Any other way I can do this properly?
  8. Hi All, Ive been reading up on the last 80 so pages... still none the wiser. My 10.5.6 has worked ok since may, I now want to go up to 10.5.8 I only have access to my 10.5.6 DVD or Disk img and the apple updater. To make sure it all works I kept my working install and did a new one with the DD script, updating to 10.5.8 immediately after installing 10.5.6 But after chamelion loading I get "You need to restart your computer" If I start in verbose mode I get a kernel panic while runing dsmos. What could cause this? Bios iussue?
  9. OK folks, I need some assistance in the grey matter area... I decided to reinstall my 10.5.6 to see if I could improve on how I had to jump through hoops the last time to get my GX card working... Same {censored} this time as well... So I MUST be doing something wrong somewhere! So brief run through of how I do it: • boot from Kalyway install on disk 2 • Install OSX 10.5.6 on disk 1 • Run Wolfenukies script • reboot - ALL good apart from screen res/gfx NOW Whenever I try to use EFI Studio or OSX Tools, Nothing changes in the com.apple.boot.plist on the efi partition... Only way so far I have been able to get it working is by manually copying in the string into a copy of the com.apple.boot.plist file and then replace the old file manually in terminal. THIS cant be the way the rest of you set your gfx cards up right? So what am I doing different? DO I need to run Wolfenukies script in a certain mode (-s /-x etc) for the permnissions to be set correctly? Am I misunderstanding the use of efistudio/osxtools, can they not do their thing on a wolfenukie efi partition? please help as I'm going nuts here. You get a free beer in Stockholm Sweden when you visit!!!
  10. I'm going to reinstall my system as I did the original install in english and want it in swedish proper now. BUT Now I read about this new i7 10.5.6 kernel... Could someone please take a few mins to explain if this might be the way forward now? Or is it just replacing the old 10.5.6 kernel with the new one and all might be just dandy? (sounds to much like a dream come true doesn't it...). What steps to take to install? Best procedure? Wolfenukies or DD's way, or none of the above, just install the sucker? Hmm. Those of you that have it working... Will this new kernel in any way enable the original speedstep functionality? I dont want it nor need it...
  11. VoodooPower 1.2.3

    Sorry for a clueless question... But does all these talks about engaging speedstepping on hack's mean that it's not active at all on a hack by default? Or do I steel need to install something like vodoopower to make sure that it doesnt speedstep also? Why I dont want it to? Speedstepping is evil in audio and video relatime editing applications. We really prefer to force the computer to run at full speed all the time. I still have to find a working way to do this on MacPro's (havent tried it yet so am open for suggestions on what might work), but I also need to figure out if I need to do it on my hack as well... Yup, clueless is the word :-) and lazy tooooo, as I could spend a huge number of hours reading countless threads about all this tryig to figure out the answer...
  12. Do you guys have noisy headphone outputs? Like digital Noise? I do big time... I just hope that I dont have the same {censored} on my audio outputs in the rear ( no not y rear, the computers rear dumbass)...
  13. Oh........ 75 MB's a sec... So I suppose that ought to mean I should look for the speed issues elsewhere huh? Gb at home, what are you a Jedi knight?
  14. NETWORK: Do you feel you get the proper speed over your network (Ethernet)? I have a feeling I'm not. Im downloading a Linux distro torrent with plenty of seeders but I dont get any where near the speeds I'm used to on XP... And From Sunet, the swedish University Network, they are directly connected to the main swedish backbone with GB connections, I only get 410 kb DL speed. I'll compare it with the XP in a bit. Would be interesting to hear your experienses.
  15. I spoke to soon, the first few times it worked as I was sitting there, both the very first where it just shut down the screen, and the second one where it went down in "full sleep mode". Since then I have rebooted and now it hangs after wake... Is the other (non S3 mode cant remember what its called) working better?