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  1. I am trying to modify the Maverick OSInstall.mpkg I follow this guide http://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/1rsp3q/install_mavericks_on_older_mac_pro_11_21_20062007/ I can do everything except when I open the Package folder in step 3 n 4 to modify the OSInstall.mpkg and InstallableMachine.plist it will not allow me to copy and paste back to it original location. ​Is there a command i can take full control of this I have full read and write permission already. I also try to download a new OSInstall.mpkg and copy and paste the file to the original location which is on my desktop it will not let me do it either. I am getting the error message "the document OSInstall.mpkg could not be saved the volume is read only" Thanks, fyangster
  2. OS X 10.7 (Lion) install on Dell Optiplex 745

    client00, I follow your direction but when I get to the install screen I get a white screen with the rainbow mouse just spinning and hang there. Any thought I did something wrong.
  3. harbot, Never mind I figure it out, I finally fix the script that you put out and it work perfect. thx.
  4. harbot, Thanks for the info here I really appreciate it. The only thing that is not function for me is the ethernet. I was hoping that there is a better way to write a script to load the mac address when the system boot up. I don't know how to write a script I try your script but I was lose due to inexperience. I use the set mac address through the terminal and work great, but would like it to start when the system boot. I've got my GX520 running full SLeopard Mac OS X retail 10.6.5 everything work sound, graphic qc, etc.. the only draw back for me was the ethernet beside that all update is good except my usb broke when update to 10.6.5 but I keep a backup of my kext to install. I'll try to help anyone if they want to install retail version, just reply me.
  5. Zack, For restart to work make sure you have openhaltrestart, nullcpupowermanagement, voodooPower.kext in your e/e Then rebuild your mkext.command then repair permission. Restart will work it will delay for almost 15 to 30sec for it to kick in.
  6. shut/down will not work for D630 with nVidia for restart use Leppy DSDT For sleep and lid cover I use sleep enable All those apps are from kexts.com when you said put in S/L/E it's System/Library/Extra ? Yes put in System/library/Extensions Make sure you use kexts helper to do the installation it will put in the right location. This is not a copy and paste if you need the kexts app please go to h**p://kexts.com and download kext utility. It's in the Tools icon search for (kexts utility x64) Removed it from e/e as it will not work.
  7. Here are the kext that are working for my system D630 ehternet put in s/l/e pcmcia put in e/e rebuild mkext repair permission restart your system. Dell630_AppleBCM5751Ethernet.zip PCMCIAkext.zip
  8. Hey! Baltic I notice that on my system as well are here my spec: D630 nVidia quadro NVS 135m CPU 1.8ghz original with DSDT : first boot CPU reading: 1.6ghz dropping down to 1.07ghz it is really off.
  9. Alright guy everything is working as it describe, I even got my sound back and Ethernet is also working as well, thx to all that help make this latitude model working. Looking forward for the shutdown mode in the future.
  10. Thank you and consolation for the quick response I'll let you guy know if it work or not I'm keeping my finger cross.
  11. Leppy, Latitude D630 using your DSDT 3. Move boot from the new /Extra folder to / I try to copy boot from /Extra folder to the root and getting this error message The item "boot" can't be replaced because it's invisible. Is there any other way to copy this to the root.
  12. Leppy, Since the D630 shutdown/restart work fine without graphics enabler can you create a EFI string and add it to com.apple if not is it possible to to get a D20 nVidia graphic and mimic for the D630 so we don't have to use graphics enabler since shutdown/restart work without graphics enabler.
  13. I'm looking forward for your D630 tweak I also have a D630 with nVida card. I hope and pray that you'll get the restart/shutdown fixed. That is the only issue that I'm encounter with the D630.
  14. Leppy, thx. for the new file I'll give you feed back as soon as I got it going. Again thx man, you are the best.
  15. Leppy, I try your DSDT and my restart does not work either, I'm running a D620 with intel card as well. Never mind I figure it out I have to put back NullCPUPowerManagement.kext and OpenHaltRestart.kext from my old extra to the new e/e folder. That seem to fix the restart issue I hope that was the case. Hope this will help someone.