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  1. [EDIT] Running CHKDSK from windows seems to fix the problem
  2. kLAcKs-iPC:~ klack$ sudo mdutil -i on /Volumes/D Password: /Volumes/D: Error: unable to perform operation. (-107) No index. This is the error I get. I can add an index to another ntfs drive with no problems. I've already tried reinstalling ntfs-3g and macfuse and this didn't help. Any ideas?
  3. Any luck? My processor supports hardware virtualization too. I am able to install without any modifications, but when I start the virtual machine I get the error: "... cannot be started because hardware virtualization support is disabled on your Mac..."
  4. I got my system up and running and booting smoothly. I wanted to make a backup for the partition using clonezilla. After restoring the partition from clonezilla to test it out, I get a still waiting for root device error. I've booted my iPC install CD and repaired permissions several times with no help. Any ideas? [Edit] Weird, if I do a cold boot it comes back fine without having to fix any permissions.
  5. Can only boot in verbose mode

    Ok, I have it working consistently now, it seems that permissions must be fixed after EVERY TIME -f is used.
  6. Can only boot in verbose mode

    Thank you for the tip, however it did not work. Previously I tried fixing permissions with Disk Utility. Also, I tried it with just -v, and it worked. I find this strange it seems to only boot when verbose mode is on. Could it be some incompatibility with display driver and splash screen? One error I get in verbose mode (even though it still boots) is: display: family specific matching fails Don't know if it is related, but the aspect ratio is incorrect when showing the boot splash screen too. Ok got it working, updating to Chameleon 2 RC2 fixed the problem. Only worked once, now I have the option to ignore cache and that always works... hmm
  7. Hello, I am new this this, and have gotten my Dell XPS 410 to install OSX. I followed these directions to a T: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...200_.2F_XPS_410 except I have a Nvidia 8800GTX, so I chose that card. My only problem is I am not able to boot with the default options. I must always use -v to boot into OSX. Any ideas?