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  1. 9800GTX+

    As far as I know there's no exact solution for this. Here the topic on this matter, maybe it will help you. It wasn't much help for me though.
  2. NForce SATA Controller

    I have MCP55 and it has something quite similar, exept dmesg says "kernel[0]: IOATAController device blocking bus". This issue appears randomly on launching applications or reading media.
  3. Sound working, but no 5.1

    As far as I know, theres no 5.1 support for ALC850 by now. Looking for it myself for a long time but without any success Trick with Audio-MIDI Setup doesn't work for me. It tries to enable 5.1 but it works weird - channels order changing randomly by itself.
  4. is it ok to upgrade i tunes.

    I dunno if it will work with Jas's compilation, but I am use Tubegirl's one and update iTunes and QuickTime without any issue Think you can try
  5. Try one of those - http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...tyDrivers#Audio
  6. Well, basically it works, but in weird way - speakers configuration resets (actually speakers binding change in random way) each time new media is played, f.e. next audio track in DVD, next song in iTunes ect. also only 48000 Hz is available and it can't be changed manually. this causes no sound in Quake3 :censored2:
  7. same here MB ASUS K8N, nForce3 250 chipset, Audio Realtek ALC850