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  1. Wow! It's booting and actually have better IOReg than my previous setup! Thanks a lot man! But sleep... it goes to sleep but never wakes up. No power on USB apparently. Cannot wake it with mouse or keyboard. Power button doesn't work also. Only reset helps.
  2. bootKP.jpg Will dig deeper Thank you very much for your help I got same bios & settings
  3. Hmmm... -xcpm I used before I made ssdt for cpu, don't remember why specifically. darkwake – I've tried to fix sleep somehow. Dropped them now – nothing really changed.
  4. I suppose so, because my old Clover folder + your DSDT works just fine Except for sleep KP Is there any way to debug it? Which logs to check?
  5. Sorry it’s night here and I have to back home from work. I’ll post everything tomorrow. Thanks fot help so far
  6. Nope panic on boot But with my Clover folder and your DSDT it’s seems okay Crash on sleep tho
  7. Hey, MaLd0n! Would you be so kind and help me make DSDT for my GA Z370 HD3? Send me.zip
  8. Harley


    As far as I know there's no exact solution for this. Here the topic on this matter, maybe it will help you. It wasn't much help for me though.
  9. Harley

    NForce SATA Controller

    I have MCP55 and it has something quite similar, exept dmesg says "kernel[0]: IOATAController device blocking bus". This issue appears randomly on launching applications or reading media.
  10. Harley

    Sound working, but no 5.1

    As far as I know, theres no 5.1 support for ALC850 by now. Looking for it myself for a long time but without any success Trick with Audio-MIDI Setup doesn't work for me. It tries to enable 5.1 but it works weird - channels order changing randomly by itself.
  11. Harley

    is it ok to upgrade i tunes.

    I dunno if it will work with Jas's compilation, but I am use Tubegirl's one and update iTunes and QuickTime without any issue Think you can try