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  1. Take One, Leave One

    Swallow, Love -------- Night or Day
  2. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    I can test too Ed, I have a 10.4.6 devel install and a 10.4.8 full-framework install, both work in VM and native.
  3. That's odd, on the ISO there is an ATI kext for ATI and nforce controllers (don't know if it's ZappaDocs, but it's definately there).
  4. Blinking cursor seems to be a semthex problem, try reinstalling with mifki
  5. If you're having trouble in native, don't be afraid to try VMWare, even if only to see if you get further into the installer than before.
  6. can you get to singleuser with -s? And can you try it within VMWare, just to see how far you get?
  7. Joe75, I had no problem getting it to load mifki, just type mach_kernel.mifki -v at the boot prompt
  8. It's an issue with the DVD, in the sense that your processor is working fine and the kernels on the DVD aren't designed for a Turion. The patch is being worked on. No, it's not done yet, and I don't have an ETA.
  9. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    Any news on the MSI speaker problem?
  10. Opendarwin calls it quits

    Well, anyone here who's worked on drivers can tell you Open Darwin was a half-assed effort to begin with. The kernel was never released, the drivers were never release....in fact, the ONLY time I've ever looked at OD source was when I was looking into altering boot2 to recognize VESA 2 instead of VESA 3. Open Darwin has been little more than a PR campaign to me. I'd hoped it meant that apple was willing to work with others......nope.
  11. I just put OS X 10.4.6 goatse on a friends celeron core duo, and was anticipating th same graphics slowdown associated with my laptop, since there was no video acceleration, but his GUI moved swimingly fast, using no more than 20% cpu and would drop to 0 usage whenever he wasn't doing anything. On mine, I am constantly at 100% utilization, even when I'm not doing anything. Then, I noticed at boot, his was detecting his graphics card's full memory of 128mb, and on mine only 16mb is detected. Has anyone else noticed/tinkered with this?
  12. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    It didn't occur to me before, but if you need a platform for testing MSI speaker solutions, I'm available.
  13. ATI AC 97 Sounds (SB400) effort

    Doesn't this have to be loaded at boot time? All I did was copy/paste into extensions directory and purge kextcache.