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  1. DSDT editor and patcher

    Any help with ASRock H61M/U3S3 & H61M-VS? I cant get it work with SL/L... I miss old autopatcher (click > next > done :/) I attached dsdt from AIDA64. H61M-VS, H61M/U3S3
  2. OK, i'm bulding several machines. 1st one is this: Intel E4400 @ 3200 6GB DDR2 800MHz Gigabyte P35-DS3 rev1.0 4x500GB SATA Sound ALC889A onboard ASUS 8600GT silent Another one is my new coming i7 2600k, but isn't complete yet. My question is how to build perfect system, so far i've been using iAtkos 10.6.3, but it has a few "bugs". Voodoo HD isn't working ok with Traktor (output/input..), and with Logic sound a little laggy bugy sound. Also startup screen is 1024x768 resolution (i've managed to edit this with Lizard). I have retail 10.6 DVD and iAtkos, wich DVD/setup is best for perfect leo? And how to accomplish tha goal?
  3. I don't think so... I heard that Foxconn produces MBO, but Cases & PSUs??? I found answer. Mac Pro are traditionaly Appple custom made products, they are bulit in Ireland factory in Cork, where they bulid their Mac Pro's.
  4. It's simple, who makes cases for Apple, and who makes PSU's for Mac Pro? I google enough but i didn't find that information... Also i haven't yet see Mac Pro in real life, so i don't know anything (inside) about him.
  5. ALC268 update 10.5.7 Vanila - no sound

    I reinstal iDeneb, now all vanila + 10.5.7 update + X3100 (update), sound is missing but OSX86Tools is found kext. After instalation of kexts, sound is perfectly working (only auto uotput is still missing)
  6. OK guys, i update my system to 10.5.7 version, i'm using Vanila kernel, and i have no problem but sound dosn't work. After update, i used OSX86Tool to update kexts (becouse there is no sound after update) and still there is no sound (AppleHDA + ALC268) Is anyone have this problem, and is there any solution for sound?
  7. I still have BLUE screen lik Anadrol is any solution for HDMI > DVI?
  8. USB mount kernel panic

    System is 9.6, and kernel is 9.59 as i can see. That is problem acording to your post
  9. Is there any solution for this problem?
  10. I instled iDeneb on my Amilo 2735. After system updates and kernel & cahmeleon update, i got kerenel panic on USB mount. This problem i've got from first system instalation. I try USB mount fix, and IOUSB fix and there is no sucess. Is anyone have solution for my problem?!? Thanks.