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  1. davabran

    retro case

    what do u guys think, i picked up this case from a tech auction for like 5 bucks. U think it worthy of moving my stuff over to this case. EDIT. Its the one at the bottom of the page the horizontal desktop.
  2. davabran

    Success with ASROCK P4Dual/775Dual-995GL....

    well i dont know about your first question, but i can answer your second. I pulled a 478 2.66 P4 533fsb from a broken inspiron and just popped it in and it worked right off the bat. Just incase you didnt know though, this board has a very limited graphic card support for it. If your not a gamer this is perfect board, or if you not picky from the list. As for me im satisfied with the bored, osx works pretty good with the onboard graphics with QE and CI. If you do decide to get the board i can help you out if you want.
  3. davabran

    Operas Free now and works

  4. davabran

    Success with ASROCK P4Dual/775Dual-995GL....

    the reason why i think this happens is because the board has a feature that you can hook five monitors up to it. 2 on agp, 2 on pcie, and 1 using onboard. Why anyone would want that many screens...who knows maybe they got bored
  5. ok so ive read that deadmoos image is already patched to sse2? With deadmoos image install you dont have to patch it with the new maxxus patch
  6. davabran

    problem with QE and CI

    ok i the this motherboard P4Dual-915GL that has had sucess with other people with QE and CI so i know my board supports it, but cant enable either. I have a P4 2.66 w/sse2 and a 512 stick of ram. so far ive disabled the TPM file and it runs OK. But how come other people can enable theirs and mine wont. Thanks for your time.
  7. davabran

    Success with ASROCK P4Dual/775Dual-995GL....

    well at least i have some what of a reason to buy a lcd monitor now. I deserve it, ive been stuck with my old 17" CRT for quite a while now. thanks im sure ill be back with some questions.
  8. davabran

    Success with ASROCK P4Dual/775Dual-995GL....

    great news that you can use the pci-e for windows and the onboard intel for osx.(right?) Because Ill be getting the p4dual board tuesday so i can enjoy osx, but the problem i was facing was the graphic card needed so i could play battlefield 2(lookin at a geforce 6600 pci-e) and use QE and CI in osx. So correct me if im wrong, i can use osx with onboard intel,while my geforce is in the pci-e slot and then when windows is booted it uses the card in the pci-e slot? Thanks for helping. Davabran heres teh list of compatible pci-e cards list
  9. My friend sold me his dell inspiron 5100 for cheap because the screen was pretty much shattered. But i got a descent laptop already so i took the processor out and was wondering if i could use it in a desktop board to make myself a mactel. The thing boots up, and you can see the laptop works fine in a corner of a screen so the cpu is good. All i know is its a Intel Pentium 4 processor at 2.40 GHz 478 pin PPGA Package 533 MHz system bus 512 KB L2 Cache Size Core Voltage: 1.300 with this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813157075