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  1. I'm begging for help now,why won't anyone offer it? I've asked so many time politely and supplied all the information, other people have responded to similar posts in the past what is wrong with people now?
  2. Does anyone want to provide support for a member in need anymore????
  3. I installed this and got a Vga family not found type error my laptop is This is the furthest I've gotten in the install process, nothing shows up under "boot disk" when I go back into the install disk afterwards, even after a repair. The reason I mention this is because other distros come back with a "still waiting for root" Are there any generic video drivers just to get me into the OS so I can mess around in there? Which version of mac should I try to install on this to get it to work 100%?
  4. So I tried the newest xXx verions of OSX and it told me that it couldn't find the VGA family specific driver, my laptop has a x1200 in it which isn't supported by that distro, is there a generic videocard driver I can use just to get me booted? how does it boot into the installer w/o the proper vga driver? Why won't ANYBODY ELSE help me??? I've given all the info I possibly can!!!
  5. Can anybody PLEASE HELP! This isn't making sense with the other posts on the board, the answers I've tried DONT work. What is the BEST version for me to use in this case???
  6. I looked around and googled a bit but nothing helped fix the problem .
  7. Hi, thank you for the post, I'm sorry that I omited the fact that this emachine is a laptop with only one hard drive thats what makes it so confusing. Even when I set the section to Active it STILL gave me this error and would NOT show the hard drive in "Startup disks" utility . This is my structure 0,1 some emachines {censored} partition 0,2 Vista 0,3 Mac 0,4 XP Even when I made the Mac partition active it was STILL waiting for root .
  8. I've got an emachines d620 and when I install Mac OSX the damn thing won't recognize my boot disk, when I have it installed and enter back into Startup Disk it doesn't show my volume there just the DVD and Network startup. There are people on here that have had success installing Mac OSX on this very machine if anyone can help me I'd be very happy. I've tried Kaylaway and now i"m on iDeneb, is there one particular one that works better? When Macosx was installed on the laptop and I did a -v it kept saying "still waiting for root" which I guess makes sense as it isn't finding my hard drive in the boot list, please help! Its an AMD based system, incase anyone has anything to offer also it has an IDE drive, I don't know if thats any help. If you need more info just ask I'll be happy to tell you.
  9. I've since installed Atkosi5 version and it stops dead on the IO buffer headers part of the boot process, what would cause that?
  10. I'll try that now, how about the kernel panic at sector 64 saying the Ebios error? I searched that one too and I really couldn't find any thread that was really helpful. I get the error with the OS fully installed and my HDD is in great condition or so says S.M.A.R.T EDIT: Ok I tried that I followed EVERY step and STILL got "Missing Operating System" when I rebooted. I'm using ToH version with my spec(in OP) whats the best one for me to use/easiest to find/get ?? EDIT: When I boot from the disk I get the "Welcome Loop" and when I try to boot into safe mode I get Ebios read error .... Sector 64 I've tried everything in Windows XP too, any other ideas in XP? Can this be done from GPARTED?
  11. I have,when I have the Mac partition set as active and the DVD OUT then I get a "Missing Operating System" despite the fact that it worked perfectly. Also I've since changed things back so that XP is the bootable OS and I can't get the Chianloader to work either. This is very frustrating. Thank you for your post though.
  12. Well I"m going to have to give up on this, even after the OSX installs perfectly it STILL doesn't get recognized as INSTALLED, the files are there on the computer, but I can't make the OS realize its installed, one time with the DVD in it started to boot MAC OSX and then it went into the Welcome Loop, when I tried to fix it as described elsewhere on this forum and rebooted the DVD tried to installed OSX AGAIN!! Also nobody is very helpful here, I've tried to provide all the info I can but still nobody is bothering.
  13. Now that its installed I"m getting the kernel panic of Sector 64
  14. My harddrive also seems to go into a sleep mode whilst installing mac oxs, why would that be?
  15. Sorry if this has been already posted I did a search and found a ton of threads and none stated this problem without going through a million posts, it might be GOOD to have just a thread to resolve this. Specs: Asus p4pe 1gb ram Geforce 6600gt Ide drive I installed Macosx 10.5, and the first boot kept doing the keyboard options loop infinitely so I turned off the pc, now when I try to boot with the dvd it just tries to reinstall the OS not even acknowledging the fact that the OS is already installed. Please help I'm in the install screen there HAS to be a way to recover the OS from here, it says that its installed on the hardrive I just checked, how do I recover it from here?