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  1. Hi there, First of all thanks to all for the work done here and there. Got a new laptop (HP DV7-6150eb) for my wife and managed to get Leo 10.6.3 running in a vmware wkst 8 and this made me save quite some money because she wanted a mac that I couldn't afford. However I still have an issue with the sound and I hope you will be able to point me to the right direction because sounds like I have missed something. I have downloaded and installed the EnsoniqAudioPCI_v1.0.3_Common_Installer.pkg , I have double checked the sound in the vm settings and it is connected and I have added the above mentionned lines in the vmx file but strangely I have no sound. When I go in the sound properties in Leopard, I have no input or output device. I have also installed the vmware tools with the darwin.iso that I got from the unlocker. Was wondering, does this has to be done in a specific order ? I might have not connected the sound during the setup of Leopard (would it be the cause ,) or I have simply forgotten a step ? Tkx Eelm
  2. Hi, got a brand new HP Pavilion DV7-6150eb and was thinking of going for OSX with it. I have started to read the various Mammoth guides, done quick search here and there and except if I am wrong there is no dsdt for that laptop. In case there is then I haven't read all yet Feel free to let me know So as mentionned in the guides I have booted the Ubuntu Livecd and created that dsdt.aml file that I will attached. Would anyone be able to help me patching it and then I will move on with the next steps. Of course if there is an already existing one then please point me to it. I am sure this will save me a lot of time even if I am very interested in understanding how it works and what has to be done. Cheers Eelm dsdt DV7-6150eb F.1B sp55068.zip
  3. Hi all, brand new to this forum so I hope you will forgive me if I ask stupid questions. As you will guess I am planning to buy to a new laptop to replace my wife one would is willing to get a Mac that I can't afford. I have digged around and came to the conclusion that going for a "supported" laptop would do the trick. I have found two laptops that are within my budget but I was just wondering if anyone here could confirm that I won't face too many issues with them and otherwise point me to a better alternative. I would be going for either for an HP Pavilion dv7-6b30eb or a g7-1250sb. Both are running an Intel i5 cpu on an Intel HM65 express chipset with an AMD Radeon graphic card. Would this work with Snow Leopard and why not with Lion after ? Thanks to all of you in advance and feel free to let me know if I am heading in the right direction or not Cheers Eelm