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  1. My apologies. I was so excited about a possible solution that I neglected to RTFM as thoroughly as I should have. I shall now don my dunce cap, and will post results later this week. And thank you for your work on this.
  2. I'm probably being an idiot here, but I have so far been unable to extract your ar5007_6_eg_wlan_168x001c_kexts_and_kernel zips with either Apple's native archive utility on the Mac side or Izarc (which has so far handled pretty much every archive format I've come across, including 7zip) on the Windows side. I've tried re-downloading, but still no love. I assume this is a failing on my part, as others have obviously managed this just fine. A pointer to the preferred utility for extracting these archives would be lovely, and once I'm able to do so, I'll be glad to provide details about my experiences using the contents. (The sad part here is that I can't even claim to be a newb to OS X, Windows, or *nix, so I don't have that excuse--although I've by necessity been out of the OS X world for a while.) Thanks in advance, -Rob