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  1. anyone have a Generic DSDT for only a T9300 processor? I think my d630 is screwing up because it has the wrong p-states/c-states, and is defaulting and getting stuck at lowest processor state. I have no idea how to mess with DSDT files. Any help please? thanks!
  2. i want all you guys to check your processors after every restart. Mine runs at 2.56 for half the time and 1.2 (minimum) for the other half. I cannot figure out why anymore. It's driving me insane. I cant be the only one with this problem. I bet alot of you guys have it but dont notice. do a Cpu-x after every reboot, and see what results u get. Also, voodoopowermini.kext doesnt work on my d630 either...
  3. I have put it under load. It's NOT running voodoopower. When I run Cpu-x, no matter WHAT application I run, it stays at 1.2Ghz. I also ran "sysctl -a | grep freq" and it shows this hw.cpufrequency: 1200000000 hw.cpufrequency_min: 1200000000 hw.cpufrequency_max: 1200000000 Which means its BLOCKED at 1.2ghz! Normally it should say 2.56 ghz. My computer is NOT throttling... its stuck in one state. Why is this?! I am running the post-install kexts only. I am NOT running the DSDT provided in the new zip file as I lose my Sound in the process and cant get it back for some reason no matter what kexts i use. I have a D630 with 4gigs of 667 mhz ram. My processor is a t9300 2.56 ghz. Please Leppy or someone help. Thanks!
  4. anyone know why the cpu is defaulting to lowest clockspeed sometimes? thanks
  5. Funny things is I'm not using Voodoopower, just using VoodooBATTERY. I am not running the DSDT version of the D630 because I have no sound. I am running the original Post-Install configuration off Leppy's Snow leopard disc. I'm about to tear my hair out. I've mixed and matched kexts to figure it out but I cant. I dont know why during some boot ups, it defaults to 1.2 Ghz (which is, according to the bios, the lowest CPU state of my computer). It at other times runs at 2.56 ghz, which is its max. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.. P.S. I almost found a solution to the scroll. But am getting sidetracked by this problem of mine.
  6. I just noticed something weird. For every 1 out of 4 boots, my CPU speed is cut back to half. Normally I have a 2.5 ghz dual core. Using CPU-X, I noticed that it cut down my multiplier to 6.5, which is 1/2 of what it should be and result with 1.2Ghz. If I just reboot, it goes back to 2.5 ghz usually, but that's weird since it happens every now and then. I disabled dynamic acceleration in the bios to see if it will help, but that did nothing. Disabling speedstep puts it at 1.2ghz ALL THE TIME, so I didnt touch that either. I'm kinda stumped. Is it because of intel NullCPUpowermanagement.kext? Thanks guys
  7. Pre-made Chameleon Boot CD Like Boot-132

    ya please, i have been looking forward for this update!
  8. any update on the Shutdown issue? That seems like the only major problem on these machines. On my D630, if I shutdown I get the AppleHDAEnabler has a caused a kernel panic error. If I reboot, everything shuts down but I get a blank screen. I'm also guessing its because of the Graphics (NVKush/NVDarwin,etc..) + Sound (AppleHDA) as If I have only one of these running, I get ok reboot, but if I have them both running, I cant shutdown and reboot. I can put my computer to sleep, but the problem is that when it wakes up, my Xbench scores for CPU and Graphics GO DOWN LIKE CRAZY. Hope we get these problems sorted out, as I've tried time and time again, and cant seem to figure it out.