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  1. HDD Not Showing up.. help

    Hello everyone, after I finished installing my amd system with Lion 10.7.2, now I have new trouble comes up. I have 3 HDD, 640 GB (Win7 Partition - NTFS), 1TB(Data - NTFS), and 160GB(Lion 10.7.2 - HFS of course), the problem is somehow the 1TB HDD is showing up and not the 640, but in the chameleon boot loader I can select the win7 partition which means the 640 is there! how can I fix this ? thanks
  2. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Proc E5200 2,5Ghz Currently run at 3,8ghz OCZ Reaper 2x2048 8500 1066 5 5 5 15 2.1v PSU Saga 400w 7600GS 256mb IP35P Mobo