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  1. It might be a way long shot... but has anyone (developer level user) tried contacting the Manufacturer of the wireless card and asked please if they would either provide a Mac driver or source for someone to port over? I found this git repo for the manufacturer of that wireless chipset.. not sure if its of any use :/ http://git.marvell.com
  2. Midi Keyboard

    did you check the readme that came with with drivers to see what all you need to do?
  3. Writing own drivers?

    So does anyone know where i should at learning how to write my own drivers for OSX? Just in general for when i get a USB device that has no support drivers for OSX Where should i start reading
  4. s10e or s10-3t?

    So i need to get a netbook for school and id like to dual boot osx and maybe win7/linux/droid. I WOULD like to get the s10-3t since it has a faster atom in it but i dont want to spend the extra money on it if i cant install a stable install of snow leopard 10.6.6+ on it, which is why s10e is my second choice. Any help and opinions appriciated
  5. Some questions for iPhone developers

    you can get away with not testing on device and just running in simulator, the only things you wont know is how efficient the app runs on each device... what you could do is when you think the app is ready to go get a friend to test it or something
  6. Some questions for iPhone developers

    its best if you have a mac but if you have a hackintosh you can get the job done but it seems like apple is moving away from leopard so a machine that runs snowleopard will eventually be required. You can enroll as a individual developer but you will only have one member on your team unlike how a company membership will allow you to have more for the same price, you would just have to provide some proof that your company exists. It helps to have some kind of device running iPhone OS such as iPhone or iPod Touch, it doesn't make any sense to develop for the device but you dont even use one to test on
  7. SCP with password in same line

    ok ill give that a try and see if i can make it work for what i need, unless im able to find an easier way Thanks!!
  8. SCP with password in same line

    ok if i go that direction would i be able to write a script that makes the keys on the local system and then uploads them to the iphone? I'm trying to make this GUI easy to setup on new systems
  9. hey im making an autoinstall gui thing that uses scp to put things on my iphone and i was trying to figure out how i would provide the password to the iphone in the same line so it doesnt ask for the password and mess things up lol ie: scp -r "myStuff" root@ "password" i tried using root:alpine@ but i get ssh: Could not resolve hostname root: nodename nor servname provided, or not known lost connection Also i realize that this may be a security risk in some people's eyes but i dont mind bcuz theres no other malusers on my network besides me
  10. You heard it right people, LimitedEditioniPhone is keeping up with everyones busy lives and is proud to announce version 2.0 of their Dashboard widget and version 1.0 of their iPhone App Both are set to be released on October 1st, 2009 with the iPhone version on Cydia via BigBoss' repo and the widget will be released thru LimitedEditioniPhone directly LEI Mobile LEI for Dashboard Also there is a new LEI giveaway featuring Sygic Voice Guided GPS
  11. hey you didnt notice the * at the end of that command did you lol, i did the same thing... me is blind lol... you need to call xar -c -f osinstall.mpkg * then it works How do you unlink the files you remove when you delete packages to make the image smaller? mine thru an error about not having all the files
  12. right now im running iatkos v5 and for some reason my built in usb doesnt work.. i even bought a pci usb controller with 5 ports and thats doesnt work either, if i look in osx86tools at the install hardware part it sees the controller i put in, acts like it installs the drivers but it still doesnt work my specs are: eMachines T5212 Intel Dual-Core, ATI Radeon Xpress 200 chipset i wanted to try ideneb 1.4 but i get that Still Waiting For Root Device {censored}
  13. Hey guys my buddy from LimitedEditionIphone needs our help in trying to get some handy features working for our iphone 3g's and 3gs' Here's the full post What we specifically need is for some people to restore to 3.0(dont do your settings if it matters to you), install openssh, make sure you can use voice control and accessibility, reboot and dump the os, zip it up and upload it somewhere and give me the link we arent after personaldata just the os dump so dont restore settings until u do the dump Update! if someone out here has voice control working but dont want to upload the entire os dump, we do need a plist in /var/mobile/livbrary/preferences. It should be called com.apple.voiceover.enabled.launchd but anything with voice would be helpful *we still need atlest 3 full dumps to be safe so please someone give us a hand*
  14. eeepc 1000hd + leopard?

  15. eeepc 1000hd + leopard?

    thats the weird thing... ive heard some ppl use ideneb on the 1000hd but i cant find anything like a concrete tutorial