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  1. Anyone interested in Asus P5QLPro Lion GM Installation?

    Thanx, I tryed sleepenabler.kext, it causes to sleep the system, however, causes some problems. I think I will slip sleep enabling, I use this machine for work, no need to have sleep. However some people needs this function, it would be a good idea to make a topic on sleep problems and solvings.
  2. Anyone interested in Asus P5QLPro Lion GM Installation?

    Sleep does not work indeed, if you find something helpful let us know your solution. (Istat nano dashboard widget works, however fan sensors haven't been detected, probably part of the problem you are talking about) Thank you, cheers
  3. Anyone interested in Asus P5QLPro Lion GM Installation?

    Here fans are ok, I think you shall use the correct smb for istat to work. Have you used my method or the other guy's method?
  4. Anyone interested in Asus P5QLPro Lion GM Installation?

    I think it can output only stereo into the green jack connector.
  5. Hi Everybody Here it is my method of installing Mac OSX Lion Gold Master to my Asus P5QL-Pro System. Everything works fine, super fast, reliable (better than original Mac Pros in this category), noticeably faster, smoother than Snow Leopard, or Leopard. My system: - Asus P5QL-Pro - Intel Core2Quad q9550 - 3 sata hard drives - Geforce 9800 gt 512 mb - 4 gigs Corsair ddr2 - Builtin ethernet with real mac address (for Time Machine and other stuff it is necessary to have it correctly) and sound ---------------------------------------------------------- Please download my attachments first (you will find them at the end of this post). I provided everything you will need. I assume you have a working Snow Leopard system, I do not know if this method works with Leopard, probably works. My easy guide to install Snow Leopard Retail, including links to install Leopard Retail in case you need them. My first tutorial on installing Snow Leopard Retail if any needs it. --------------------------------------------------------- O.k. Use your brain, think, I don't want to write all the details you can do at your own. The exact steps and attachments are for the exact same system including graphics card, and processor. If you have a different graphics card look around first for info, and kexts. 1. Bios settings update your BIOS version to 1004 at least, enable acpi 2, enable AHCI mode for your hard drives. 2. Download and install Pathfinder trial in order to see hidden files, mount volumes, and copy stuff. 3. Prepare your usb drive or installer partition at first with Disk Utility. Make sure you use GUID partition table (there are numerous topics on this here). I use a separate hard drive as an installer drive. 4. Open Pathfinder, mount the Lion GM dmg. Enable 'show invisible files' in Pathfinder. You will see the base system.dmg file at the root of your mounted Lion Volume. Mount this volume too. With disk utility restore this mounted volume to your installer usb drive or hard disk (partition). It is very important that you shall restore this base system volume, not the Lion GM volume. When ready, close disk utility, in Path Finder open the newly created Mac OS X Base System volume. Go to System_Installation. Delete the packages shortcut. Create a folder here, within the installation folder called: Packages. Now go back to the original Lion GM mounted volume. Copy the contents of the packages folder from here to the installer volumes packages folder you created last. 5. Install the provided chameleon boot-loader to the installer partition you created. Make sure you select that volume when installing chameleon. 6. I've provided the CopyToInstallerVolume.zip file. Copy its contents to the root of your installer volume (a machkernel file in the root, and an extra folder to the root) 7. Set your computer in bios to reboot to this volume, use your brain how to achieve this. 8. Select the mac os x base system volume in chameleon, setup os x lion, I suggest you to create here with utilities>disk utility a clean partition for your Lion install. 9. Reboot, set your bios to reboot to the original working Snow Leopard disk. 10. In Snow Leopard, install the provided chameleon boot-loader to to newly installed Lion disk. 12. Copy the contents of CopyToInstallerVolume.zip file to the root of this new Lion partition, as delineated above. If you have a different processor than mine, look around here in MaLd0n's tutorial, trash smbios.list file I've provided and use a different one from here (when the guy lists the mac computers with zip files). 13. Create a folder within the extras folder called Extensions. Copy the contents of CopyToFinalVolumeToExtra_Extensions.zip to this extensions folder. 14. I have provided an application called dsdtautopatcher. Open it, choose the mobo (Asus P5qlPro), it will create a file on your desktop. Copy this dsdt.aml file into the extras folder on Lion's root. 15. Reboot, set your bios to boot now to the Lion Volume. 16. When Chameleon boot-loader shows type this accurately: "Graphics Mode"="640x480x32" and hit enter It will effectively skip the welcome screen, which can cause problems, neverending welcome-loop. 17. You are in Lion now(in 640x480 mode). Reboot after Lion has loaded (No welcome screen loop, and now you are in 1024x768). Now go to System preferences, create an administrator password. 18. Double click the InstallWithKextHelperToSystemExtensions.zip to unarchive it. Open the kexthelper application I have provided. Type in your newly created administrator password, drop the files you unarchived this time, onto kexthelper, and install them. 19. Reboot. Open the Lizard utility I've provided. Set your graphics resolution, check Built In Ethernet, check Graphics Injection) 20. Reboot. Et voila> now you see the full pomp of Mac OS X Lion. Check everything, sound, ethernet, graphics, set your preferences, enjoy your new fully functional operating system. I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Cheers, Proceduralmind, 4. july 2011. under Mac OS X Lion GM Forgive me my bad english. CopyToInstallerVolume.zip CopyToFinalVolumeToExtra_Extensions.zip Chameleon_2.0_RC5_r1083.pkg.zip DSDT_Auto_Patcher.app.zip InstallWithKextHelperToSystemExtensions.zip Kext_Helper_b7.zip Lizard.zip
  6. 10.6.3 update for Mac OS X released

    Seamless install too Snow leopard reatail (updated via software update to 10.6.1 + 10.6.2 + 10.6.3 now) Asus p5ql pro Intel Core2 Quad q9550 4 gig corsair ram Geforce 9800 gt 512 mb Sata hdds, and sata dvd Everything works as before including graphics, audio, real mac address... Seems to me the user interface effects are faster, more responsive. Open GL is fast and precise. COOL
  7. Hi Everyone After putting together this tutorial, I have more experience now. I'm trying to upload a newer, updated, more straightforward tutorial in the christmasstime.
  8. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    Bios patch is not available for P5Q Turbo. A good new general tutorial perhaps can help you.
  9. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    As far as I can see there is no mac os x compatible bios for p5q turbo. There is a good general in depth tutorial on dsdt related things, and pacthing here.
  10. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    Maybe ata devices can cause problems, I've changed my ata dwd writer to a sata version, and disbled the marvell controller from bios. Try disabling onboard audio, and other devices.
  11. Try disabling onboard devices (audio, lan, paralell port ...). Beyond these I do not know what could help.
  12. Juzzi posted bios settings for asus p5q series. He shows the correct settings for time out for ahci and other things. I posted his page.
  13. Kernel panic immediately during boot

    I think there are some workaround here in the forum, some patched dsdt or similar.
  14. Do not forget Bios > Power management > acpi 2.0 support MUST BE ENABLED, unless You want to see Snow Leopard kernel paniced at startup.
  15. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    YOU MUST ENABLE ACPI 2.0 SUPPORT IN BIOS. Asus p5q series > Bios > power tab. Deafult is turned off. This is why it kernel panics at once. In my guide I stated that this is very important!!!