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  1. Time Machine Backup von iAktos auf Retail

    Ich würds vom Backup machen - oder die alte System-Platte als zweite Platte einhängen und von dort migrieren, das geht wesentlich schneller. Manche kexte werden mitkopiert, daher am besten nur den Benutzerordner migrieren und die Apps separat neu installieren. Viel Spaß DSDT: Für Snow Leo definitiv die einzige Wahl, man muss aber nicht alles dort einstellen...
  2. Snow Leopard nur mehr auf Intel

    Wohl wahr - hat hier fast 6 Jahre durchgehalten ohne Mucken.... mal sehen wie lange es die MacBooks schaffen ...
  3. Well, using the modified ifconfig from here bonjour is working just fine in 64 bit mode
  4. Brillant work, dude. I had to replace the - working - dsdt.aml with my own dsdt for use with my graphics card. Runs fine in 32 and 64-Bit mode, the latter without (surprise, surprise) bonjour. And resuming from sleep. Thanks again!
  5. frage zu turbo.h264 stick

    Also, ich hab die Vorgängerversion und das Ding ist Gold wert - jedenfalls für mich.
  6. Installing Safari 4, 2009-01 update?

    Ah, come on. That would be too easy, now would it? Somewhere within the installation package might be a .plist or .dist file which - upon being edited - might allow this.
  7. Decklink Blackmagic install

    Well, it initializes as another display-card - which is somewhat annoying, since it claims to be the primary video card at first and you have to change that or hook up a monitor to reclaim your desktop. Try get a PCIe-Card, since the PCI only works continuously with 3 GB RAM or less - with PCIe this might be better.
  8. Decklink Blackmagic install

    Ca't say for the HD Extreme, but my oldfashioned Decklink Pro works like a charm.... since the drivers appear to the same, give it a try...
  9. Anfängerfragen

    starte mal mit folgenden parametern: -x -f -v cpus=1 (eigentlich ist nur cpus=1 in dem fall spannend, aber naja)
  10. graka msi FX5200 TD128LF

    So, nochmal von vorne: welchen Treiber hast du auf welcher Hardware mit welcher Distribution installiert? Da ein Display geht: poste doch mal den Ausschnitt Grafik/Monitore aus dem Systemprofiler.
  11. USB PRoblem

    Vielleicht erstmal das Update auf 10.5.4 machen.....
  12. Das gute alte BadAxe2 geht immer - also, jedenfalls bei mir. Oder Gigabyte X38-DS4
  13. 10.5.3 Update Guide

    Try replacing AppleAHCIPort.kext and IOAHCI
  14. Well, of course. Sorry - been busy. What happens when the machine boots with -v only? Probably a screenshot would help there. Did you install any specific packages or just vanilla iATKOS? What happens if you boot using cpus=1?
  15. need fix for gma950 on lenovo c200 3000

    I know this won't help you a lot, but recently (well, two days ago) I installed iATKOSV2.0i on a GMA950 Laptop and, since it is only for sending and receiving faxes, refused to install any GMA950 fixes which where offered during installtion. And voila - CI, QE, no tearing at all, no artifacts. The machine used to have a upgraded Kalyway 10.5.1 install including all GMA950 fixes I could lay my hand on - with some artifacts in the end. Funny, isn't it? Oh, yeah, one more thing: I changed the partition table from MBR to GUID.