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  1. Samsung N130

    Hello everyone, We are a Mac familly, happy (You don't care but it's funny to write that). My daughter wanted a Macbook: Oh no! So, i've tried to install 10.6.3 dvd retail to her fantastic little N130. I tried, i tried, and i tried again... without success. For the last try, I did a mistake... Here we are: Instead of installing the "netbook-bootmaker" (Maker!), I click too fast on the "netboot-installer", directly to the extern drive partition where Snow Leopard was restore. I've seen my mistake but in this case, I tried to see the result of it. Guess what? Install perfect and quick (35 minutes) ... After install, the N130 boot directly with no issues ... Nothing was wrong, except drivers for the sound, video and ethernet. After installing those kexts, reboot -S and .... Zip ... wham ... Shazam, the little samsung born again under the cool name of MacBook 2.1. Fellow users, it is not a joke, even me I couldn't believe. The result is almost perfect, no issues and the piece of cake is: Wifi works! The only thing disturbing a few is that, the cpu is not recognize as well. But all works good. And my daughter is.... always in her bedroom with this new little beast of joy If someone could explain me why this install works perfectly, I will be happy to understand. Anyway, try it like I said and I hope for you all, your N130 will thank you. Ciao Ciao Au revoir Good night (day)
  2. 10.5.7 has been released

    Hello, It works like a charm Update from IPC 10.5.6. Don't forget (I think it's obvious) to update also the "security updates" before this one... Maybe it has no senses at all, but in this case like I did, it works great. See the picture. ps: the file for me was 449 MB pps: I fixed nothing until now.
  3. Ati 3850 and 10.5.6

    Hello, I plugged this great card, try to boot directly without a fresh install.. I click to see about the graphics/Displays and (o_O) all was recognized like that, without doing something: The chipset model .. all ! Chipset Model: ATI Radeon HD 3850 Type: Display Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 512 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x9505 Revision ID: 0x0000 ROM Revision: 113-B1480A-236 EFI Driver Version: 01.00.236 Core Image: Hardware Accelerated Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Supported Rotation: Supported QuartzGL: Supported And it is working perfectly, or maybe I forgot to see something but if someone could explain me this fact, I will appreciate it. Thank you.
  4. THANKS SO MUCH (radeon 3870)

    It's so great to see people in joy like you I bought a Sapphire 3850, I will see if it will work like yours, normally yes but I don't want to talk too fast... A big Thank you to people who shares their experiences, around the world. Off topic: I want also to encourage people to buy a copy of leopard... Like many others we have a Mac (I have two mini).. And it's not so expensive, instead of a copy from "Macro The Soft".. their prices are the triple (More?) .. see what I mean Have a good day,night..
  5. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    Hello, So, you click on the fantastic apple (Top left ) ... then, click on "About this Mac".. And, on "More info".. and finally, click on Graphics/Display ... You will see your device ID. You're welcome.
  6. ATI Radeon 3450 works

    Hello everyone, So, is it working for your ATI or not? It is incredible to know also that Mac uses it ... I have the HD 3650, do you think it's possible to "apply" this kext for this card or a bit "dangerous" (Like reboot loop or something like that .. ? I would like to thank all people, "working" for all the OSx86 project. ps: sorry for my very bad english, I'm only a little frog.. lost
  7. How topatch this Kalyway? 10.4.10 sse3 sse2

    Hi... I'm writing, surfing...laughing with macosx 10.4.10 and all works perfectly: sound etc.... incredible! I am really amazed, because my laptop is old and runs with only 512 of ram... Not slow at all ... "For those about the Mac... We salute YOU "
  8. How topatch this Kalyway? 10.4.10 sse3 sse2

    Thank you very much, I will do my best and I'll let you know if all will turn ok (I pray the Saint Mac in Touch ) See you The adventure begins...
  9. Hello everyone, I have this Kalyway: 10.4.10 intelsse3 + V1.1amd sse2 patch + fixes I found that it can be install on my laptop asus A3000 (old but ok... sse2 intel proc etc...) But the little problem is that i don't know how to patch this kalyway sse3 to sse2. Thank you very much to help me. ps: i'm looking for it everywhere, so sorry if it's easy, I do my best. I think I found>>> need to install ppf O Matic and to patch directly with the iso ... Is it correct or??