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    MB Pro - Software/plugin questions..

    I am in the same situation as you, long time pc user... about to switch to osx... for GOOD Logic studio is where its at also yes you can use vst's but (mac versions) you might find them, you might not that macbook setup sounds nice i've wanted one for awhile but you need money for that right?
  2. syfenx

    installing logic studio 8 on 10.4.8

    will the pacifist method also work with 10.4.6?
  3. i have osx 10.4.6 goatsecx i installed the drivers for full video support via z0rz script - full support (works perfectly) i have motion 2.0, install went perfectly, opening the app went fine, but when i create a project it works for a split second and closes motion 2.1 completely fails to run, i get a boucing icon for a few seconds, thats it ive installed way too many times, im getting tired of this, if ANYBODY has ANY clues to help me out, i would really appreciate it i have goatsecx 10.4.6, ive only seen JaS versions of the upgrade to 10.4.7 would this be possible to use with the goatsecx version? thanks for any help -syfenx EDIT: pc specs = amd 3200+ 64bit ati x800xl pci-e 2gb ram
  4. syfenx

    AIM network

    aim: orbitafx
  5. someone made a install script, it installed the atikext as far as i remember, it had koverg, callisto etc all in one..whoever it was said "they made it the other day" and that they aren't an expert at it.. whoever it was i can't remember their name, but i need this install script or package again if anybody knows what im talking about please help.. the name might have been ap0s something like that, i might be waaay off.. the thread said something like "one stop for ati" again, i may be way off if anybody knows please let me know, thanks IM SORRY! it was Z0RZ i FOUND IT RIGHT AFTER I POSTED THIS! NEVERMIND, thanks if you see this z0rz
  6. syfenx

    my setup

    10.4.6 goatsecx dvd atix800xl 256mb full support, coreimage, quartz photoshop cs2 - great tomato torrent - great transmission (awesome) illustrator cs2 - great cinema 4d 10 UB - awesome dreamweaver 8 - ok flash 8 - ok vlc - great (weird effects, the blue window artifacts) itunes7 works with my ipod, i can add songs etc perfectly adium - great firefox2 - great FINAL CUT PRO 5.1 FLAWLESS anybody know a faster browser? what about increasing the speed of apps starting up? disabling unneeded services? thanks insanelymac, now im hooked