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  1. FTP on a MBP running OS X

    Thankyou, but not only does that not work, but I need to be able to read and write. I'll call Apple, they should know.
  2. I just formatted my MBP and ever since, no matter what FTP client I use, I cannot connect to any FTP server. Does anyone know of some network setting that may prevent me from connecting? I know that the server is good, as I can get to it from my PC. Thanks! -Derek
  3. Even still, half of the battle is mobility, and the MacBook wins what one. --For me at least.
  4. Stop the Whine - it's done

    I'm afraid to try this. What is the C4 power mode on the CPU? Will disabling this reduce my notebooks overall power?
  5. If they are anything like iPod serial numbers are, it should be the same as the original serial number.
  6. I would go with the MacBook. I also use FCP frequently, and I don't know where I would be without my notebook! Sure, the iMac might have a slightly stronger GPU, but I'd sacrifice some graphical power for mobility.
  7. Double Clicking on a MBP

    Yessir I have. It just seems to have a delayed respose. It isn't much of a bother for me to control click. Oh well.
  8. I'm not sure if anyone else with a MBP noticed this, but the shabby text rendering that my notebook had seems to be gone with this update. Is this just coincidence, or did Apple actually fix it? One side effect that I have noticed is that some text looks slightly bolded. I don't mean random words in a chunk of text, but rather an entire site havinging a more strongly set typeface. Thanks
  9. Double Clicking on a MBP

    Well, if you've got the clicking turned on (tap the trackpad to click), then you simply tap two fingers on the trackpad, and the context menu ought to appear. If you don't have the tap click turned on, then you hold two fingers on the trackpad and use the click button.
  10. Airport

    I need help, please This crappy wireless is driving me crazy!
  11. Double Clicking on a MBP

    It's funny... I was so excited about this feature. I had it installed with the hack, but I didn't use the applescript to fix the reboot carryover problem, so I just didn't use it. Now that .7 is out, and it is a standard feature, I've been using it and hate it. It works and carrys over through reboots and sleeps, but it's response is often much slower than the control+click way. Anyone else notice this?
  12. 10.4.7 is out

    I know this update added the right click to the 15 inch MBP, but did it add it for iBooks and PBs?
  13. Outlook Express

    Thanks, I'll lat him know to check that. I agree with you 100%, and TB is actually what I personally use. He is set in his ways, there's nothing that cn be done about it. Edit: Cyrana, thanks for that suggestion. I'll send a link over to him, maybe he'll try. You're all great, Thank you again.
  14. Outlook Express

    So, I gave a XP SP2 system to my grandfather a while back. He is using Outlook Express. He says that none of his links in the email is working. When he clicks them, they turn purple, as they should, but nothing will open. Does anyone know what's going on with this? Thanks. Sorry I'm asking about MS software, but this community is so good and informative, so I figured it is worth asking.
  15. Airport

    Ok, so I've been using the WAP for about a day, and it works great when it can connect. When I turn my computer on, it finds a signal fromt he router, but it cannot authenticate properly. Every time I start up the computer, I have to go into system prefs and reset the settings for my wireless connection, including re-entering the WAP key. They key it saves isn't the key i eneterd. For example, my key could be, "ThisisMYkeyibety0uwouldnveguessedit" and it would save as "sdfvdsfjhwe32gg4v23g4vgh3". Can anyone help? Oh, and with the WAP, it doesn't randomly disconnect as it did with WEP.