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  1. Vmware network / internet not working 10.6

    You're missing the point. I have it installed on virtualbox - but I'm able to use the screen resolution of my choice. I also have it installed on VMWare - I have the resolution I need - but no network?!
  2. Vmware network / internet not working 10.6

    Any help with this?
  3. I've got 10.6.2 up and running in Vmware (latest version) but it does not recognise the network card. I'm not sure if this has any bearing on my physical network card or not? I've tried NAT and Bridged connections. Anyone able to offer any feedback?
  4. 10.6 Installation in Virtualbox

    la la la cookie dough! Seriously - been googling solidly. Can't find any help...?
  5. I have a 10.6.1 iso, labelled 'dayn.org' - seems to be using a 'voodoo' kernel. At first I couldn't get it to boot to the installer - managed to with the flag "cpubus=18". So far I've finished the installation (including the AMD patches) but I can't get it to boot at all. It just stops at the grey screen with the Apple logo...no HDD activity. If I boot in verbose, I get the same thing but instead just a blank screen. No flashing cursor...nothing. My system is: AMD Athlon II X2 245 (OC'd), 2gb DDR3 Ram, 500gb Sata II Drive Any Ideas? Many Thanks.
  6. oK people, i have managed to resolve this issue. to anyone who is having slow internet in osx86 - disable IPv6, then restart and you will have your full internet speeds back! thanks\ HougTimo
  7. Well I've had OS X 10.4.8 running pretty well for a couple of days now. I have one problem though...my internet and download speeds are rubbish, making browsing the internet not fun. I have a wireless lan card (intellinet) which uses the atheros chipset. I got it working by using the modified IO80211family.kext which seemed to work pretty good. But everytime I do a download i never get speeds more than 20Kilobytes per second. I should be getting <93. In windows I get my full download speed just fine, but I don't in osx. I have asked several people, and they claim im making it all up coz osx is brilliant etc.... i do like osx, and im not trying to bash it. I just want a resolution to this problem. thanks\ HougTimo
  8. sorry - i really can;t afford any video card atm...so i will never really know. from my research, the error is from the hard disk??
  9. nah, no sli, the gfx is onboard aswell... still no luck getting it to work...even a fresh install isn't working now i really can't download another release, im right up against my limit. any other tips? hougtimo
  10. ooops...feel like a pillock now lol yeah, its 10.4.5 cheers, tim
  11. Hi, I used to run osx86 on my old 3200 venice system. I now have an X2 system (4200) with the abit nf-m2-nview motherboard, 1.5gb ddr2 ra, geforce 6150 and a 20gb ide drive. The installation goes smoothly and everything, reboot, and nothing...come back with a different error everytime, which are extremely long. After a few tries it will boot sucessfully (i don't make any alterations to anything to make it do this) and runs fine. Everything is detected and works great on the motherboard, it runs really well. then i reboot...and...everytime i try to boot now, i get this: waiting on <dict ID="0"><ley><ioproviderclass</key><string id="1">ioresources</string><key>ioresourcesmatch</key><string id="2">boot-uuid-media</string></dict> and it hangs there. Should i just leave it there for a long time and see if it works, or is there another way round this? thanks hougtimo