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  1. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    MaLd0n - great job on all this! Pre - snow everything pretty much worked out of box except video with a G31M-ES2L or G31M-S2L mobo for me. With the DSDTautopatcher I was able to get sleep working without any sleep enablers - that is pretty cool! But I am confused on the audio w/DSDT, in the past seems like I needed an HDAenabler in e/e and or alc.. kext for non DSDT solutions... I don't live and breath this stuff, so in and out kinda thing for me. So questions: 1) I see the Alc833 section in the DSDT and system profile reports audio hardware, but no hardware in the System Preferences. Why? 2) I see the 'binary patch' command in the guide and wonder if this is for the 10.6.7 appleHDA.kext? From what I have read after 10.6.2 the device ids were hard coded - so am I correct to assume the perl command fixes the 10.6.7 appleHDA.kext then? 3) Am I supposed to have a specific Alc883 kext too? 4) What can I do to trouble shoot? I tried to just 'patch' the 10.6.7 appleHDA.kext as described in the post..... I have tried the 10.6.2 appleHDA.kext (s/l/e) repaired permissions... I tried an old HDAenabler.kext in e/e..... I tried a legacyALC883.kext with HDAenabler.... pretty much tried everything that I can think of. Seems like it should work since the DSDT made the hardware show in the system profile. Is it possible the DSDT is setting something wrong? Seems to me it is something else, but I am missing something I think. I opened the DSDT for editing and the HDEF section looks right when compared with the articles and even the patch that comes with DSDTEditor... I did notice a couple audio errors go by at the end of boot with verbose. But went too quick for me to see... Thanks for all your great work and taking the time to explain how things should be now! Helping others equates to spreading love to me... Edit: I gave up and removed appleHDA.kext and install voodoo 0.2.72 and received an error "Can't map memory." The audio works now but have to drop microphone gain all the way to get rid of background noise. I would much rather "1- You need a HDEF + LegacyHDA + AppleHda patched," but I guess I don't have the correct Alc833.kext to make this work... Anyone have a working Alc833.kext available for me??? Please and thank you. The audio guide linked is hard to follow - I have read it twice now and I really wonder what "To be continued..." means. I uploaded my send_me.zip and the legacyAlc833.kext that doesn't work for me. MaLd0n, another question please; what is the AHCIPortInjector.kext for and is it needed for my mobo? Thanks again for your quick response! send_me.zip LegacyALC883.kext.zip
  2. Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L

    Members get the realtek driver here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=69220
  3. Just installed Snow and had to fix my DWA 522.... So now that I am online, here is the modded kext: 32/64 bit IO80211Family.kext with device id 168c,23 I used 'kext helper' to install... (/System/Library/Extensions... drag the original kext from the permissioned dir. put it somewhere [backup] and forget about it.) I couldn't get this kext to work from the extras dir... (10.6.2 update wiped it out of course and had to re-install.) I used -v -f boot flags and watched the airport hardware initialize. (-f is probably not needed with the kext helper method since it flushes mkext and sets permissions...) Hope this helps the lazy... GL I highly recommend 'DPCI Manager' for finding device ids... btw
  4. Thanks - just what I needed. I have not started the Snow upgrade to my UD3P 10.5.8 yet, still gathering information as it is stable now and runs 60% faster than my MBP! 'Better than a mac... doh did I say that!" Snow installed on my MBP so far... I have to re-compile all of my native ruby gems after an upgrade, should have done fresh install! I use a 'SYBA CL-CAM63003 1.3M 640 x 480 USB WebCam' for OOB webcam and as a bonus the built mic works OOB too. Registers as a Vega 2.0 USB mic. Might help some with mic issues. I use(d) a D-Link DWA-542 b/g/n 32bit PCI for OOB airport internet. Looking at the 10.6 OSX HCL I don't see any wireless adapters that work in 64bit mode. Since the mobo's we use for OSX86 are all 32bit PCI I assume it will have to be a PCIe card. BIG Q: Does anyone have airport working in 64bit mode? Not sure how the lan was patched to work in 64bit mode yet, but I doubt it would work with a PCI device? Also has anyone got dual video cards working in Snow for the UD3P?? I use 2 9500GT's ..... Thanks I only read the first 20 or so posts.... back to reading!