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  1. Your drive is dying. Or your partition table is so messed up only a clean initialization will fix it. Run a smartctl.
  2. ezilagel

    Quartz Extreme - QuartzGL - Beam Sync

    Really? No one has figured this out? Hmm.. the only reason why I bother is because for some reason in 10.6.3, my dock/expose etc seem to run slower.. It appears random.. I have no idea why. QuartzGL fixes this.
  3. Putting the drive in Accounts/Login is not the proper way to automount. You need to add it to your fstab. If you need help, let me know. Also, is it SMB, AFP share?
  4. Not sure what the problem is. I have Plex set to open after login. I have never had your issue. Are you sure you're not setting something else to open upon login that is causing the issue? Make sure in system preferences/accounts Plex is your last application to startup. Another thing to check is that Plex is set to fullscreen mode. Another thing.. How did you setup your network share? Are you using fstab? Any other way besides fstab usually requires a folder with the share to open in the Finder. This could be the issue as well.
  5. Hey guys, In Leopard, I was able to enable QuartzGL and disable Beam Sync via the terminal. Also, a trick was to open Quartz Debug, set the settings, then force quit. This allowed the settings to be kept without leaving the application open. I understand there are some side effects of enabling/disabling these features, however the GUI speed improvement is remarkable. SL seems to get sluggish when I have high disk IO. This fixes this issue and all gui effects run smooth. Unfortunately, I have been unable to get the settings to stick. Once the application closes, the settings revert back. None of the old command lines seem to work as well. I have noticed after opening quartz debug application that there are two executables. One is the application itself, the other is called server. The server executable seems to run, i figured maybe I could write a script to enable it with my settings, however I have no idea what it actual does. Has anyone made progress with enabling QuartzGL and disable Beam Sync permanently? Most topics on here refer to Leopard and as I said, they do not seem to work any longer. Thanks.
  6. ezilagel

    force chameleon to boot in 32bit?

    That's the original plist for real macs.
  7. ezilagel

    10.5.8 USB Problems

    I just wanted to start of by saying I have been toying with osx86 since tiger. I have seen many issues come and go. I have always managed to overcome them, however this time I am STUMPED. I am asking for anyone who experienced problems with USB while using the latest update ( 10.5.8 ) and were able to resolve them, to please share your story. My issue currently involves my iPod. At first, I had no USB devices showing up after my 10.5.8 fresh install. I resolved this turning on UHCIreset in the chameleon bootloader. Only my USB Mouse/Keyboard would mount, however sometimes I had to actually unplug them and then replug them in order to get them recognized by the OS. But still, my USB Drives and mice do not consistently work... how is this possible? My current issue, as I recently stated, is my iPod. When I boot in Windows my iPod Touch is fully recognized by the OS and itunes. However, I have had NO such luck in 10.5.8. What's CRAZY is that USB PROBE sees by iPod. But for some reason it just won't mount. As I said, the iPod is fully functional. I have seen USBFAMILY fixes in previous OS releases that seemed to solve this issue for people. Is there any such fix for 10.5.8. I know others have see such problems on other topics, however most have not been resolved or are no longer up to date. I ask, can anyone help us? Very strange after many reboots, the iPod seemed to pop up. What's crazy is that it popped up about 20 minutes after I had rebooted... I will update if I continue to find stability issues.
  8. ezilagel

    OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    I suppose anyone who has been using this board. I too have been experiencing issues using the new voodoo 9.6. I have a asus p5kc. I think the board is broken though, I have never been able to achieve sleep properly, not even in windows.
  9. ezilagel

    OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    How has the stability on this board been using OS X? Are you able to sleep/hibernate properly?
  10. ezilagel

    iMon LCD and LCDProc solution

    Thanks for your help, but I still cannot get it to work. I installed windows the other day and was able to get it to work. I'm not sure what my problem is. I can start LCDd server with no problem. When I run the lcdproc N. Nothing happens. Growl can see the server running, but consoles the error i stated above when trying to send text. Thanks for your help, I will let you know if I get it to work.. Thanks.
  11. ezilagel

    iMon LCD and LCDProc solution

    I am having problems getting this provided LCDd to work. I have a Antec Fusion Black case and am currently running mac os X 10.5.2 (intel). I have downloaded the code and ran the shell script. I checked my device and vendor IDs and they are the same as the one compiled. I also installed the growlLCDproc and it successfully connects to LCDd. However when I try to hit preview in growl I receive the error: 7/20/08 5:41:30 AM GrowlHelperApp[9985] Error from LCDproc Server at huh? Screen already exists I have looked at other forums suggesting how to send text, however nothing appears on my screen. Also, just to check if this is normal... When my computer is shutdown, but still turned on the PSU, my LCD is bright blue. Constantly bright blue. Never shuts off unless I turn off the PSU. Also, I am trying to figure out if LCDd is supposed to be connected to /dev/lcd0 or something like that. Other forums talk about a /dev and I don't see that in /dev. If i could get some help that would be great. I would love to work with someone to maybe get this into a package install, or at least just correctly. Any help would be awesome, I think this is something that we should try to figure out. Thanks.
  12. ezilagel

    Kernel panics: because of 4gb RAM?

    I am also having problems with the 4GB of ram. I ran memtest for OSX and it would crash. So I figured I had some bad ram. Bought new ram and am having the same problem. I ran memtest from a linux distro and there wasn't any problems. Here is my setup. Any kernel updates or fixes for this yet? Seems like a huge problem if we can't run more than 2GB of ram on these hackintosh's. P5KC Asus 2x2GB DDR2 800 8800 nvidia
  13. I think the GUI isn't finished. I hope that they are holding that out till the end. I see the potential in Leopard with the space bar preview in the finder. That transparent black just doesn't go with the grey theme. The cool white/black transparent menu is a plus, but the white space when choosing a menu is horrible. I would expect to see a transparent black. I see the little transparent black floating windows throughout the OS and I hope thats a peek at a new GUI that will eventually be implemented.
  14. ezilagel

    Time Machine Error -6582

    I added the plugins from the JAS 10.4.8 ionetworkingfamily.kext into the leopard 9A528 ionetworkingfamily.kext which is why my nic is working. Are you saying there is special patched kext I need? I noticed there was one in the kalyway dvd. Is this what I need?
  15. I have recently installed Leopard 9A528d on my Hackintosh. I have been able to get my Video Card fully supported, nic working and full audio. Everything seems to run as it should except for Time Machine. I chose a USB drive and it says there was a backup error. Then I try to click Time Machine and I get Error -6582. Any Idea? error.tiff OSx86 9A528d 945gnt Intel x1600 Pro Pentium 930D