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  1. Kernel panic when installing Divx

    OK!! thanx for that too!!! I flashed my card and everything seems just ok! last question: why is my processor recognized 3.8 GHz? and not 1.86???
  2. GeForce 9300M GS Drivers

    would be interested too if anyone could help...
  3. Kernel panic when installing Divx

    OK i think i've made it.. I added voodoo kernel 9.5.0 to customize and it started like it should... only this time i selected NVdarwin 512 for my card and i can only boot in safe mode.... can you help me fixing my video card???
  4. Kernel panic when installing Divx

    I did the installation exactly same as the first time.... OK i booted from the DVD but it only let me choose the dvd as boot device... so strange......... ihave reinstalled it like 10 times but always the same.. i cant boot... i even tried with iAtkos but still the same............................
  5. Kernel panic when installing Divx

    yeah.. thats what i thought about.... so I reinstalled ipc and doesnt boot at all.... I erased the disk and start the installation. The installation went ok.. but after i was asked to restart it keeps rebooting before it shows any screen....... i cant even make it to the grey screen wih the apple logo.. wtf????
  6. Kernel panic when installing Divx

    so.. i've tried someones guide to get my video card to work but i misunderstood some part of the guide and i deleted some kexts from the extensions folder that i shouldnt (i typed rm -rf /system/library/extensions/NV*, rm -rf /system/library/extensions/Ge*, rm -rf /system/library/extensions/Natit*) now when it boots it freezes at the grey screen with the apple logo. i cant even boot in safe mode. can i do sth about that? any suggestions? :-)
  7. Kernel panic when installing Divx

    thanx for your reply I have already removed NVinject so i should try removing NVdarwin.kext as well(and then clear ext. cache) and try to add an EFI string with osx86tools?? thanx! i'll try this and i'll post the result :-) EDIT: OK i did that... still the same problem... can only boot in safe mode..
  8. Driver for NVidia GS 8400 for 10.5.6

    plz add it to another server...
  9. Kernel panic when installing Divx

    Hey there !! I booted with -x -f and I got to the Desktop. I checked extensions folder but there was no NVinject file in it. I used OSX86Tools to empty the extensions cache i had written this to my previous post! now what should i do ?should i get back to NVinject and delete NVdarwin??? as i see my video card is now recognized correctly... but how do i know if its qe/ci enabled?? P.S. Is it normal that my processor is recognized as 3.8GHz intel C2D?
  10. Kernel panic when installing Divx

    OK!!! I've made it!!! now i can download and install whatever .dmg i like What's the problem now??? i deleted NVInject.kext from extensions folder and cleared extensions cache through Osx86 tools. Then i installed NVDarwin 1.2.5 and restarted................................. then all i get is a black screen and the mouse can i fix this? plz dont tell me i have to reinstall osx.. !!!! thanx thanx thanx thanx for your help.......
  11. Kernel panic when installing Divx

    looool!!! this time i'll read it thoroughly and i'll be back for my noob questions...~~ Really thanx for helping!
  12. Kernel panic when installing Divx

    ok here's what happened.... i downloaded voodoo_kernel.dmg but im still getting the kernel panic when trying to run it... any suggestion??
  13. Kernel panic when installing Divx

    Thank you Beerkex'd, you're so helpful! one last question( I promise!): How can I delete NVinject? ( I know im a noob...)
  14. Kernel panic when installing Divx

    ok thanx! im a total noob but ive got 2 questions. 1)how to install a newer kernel since i have 9.4.0 2)by seeing the 2 photos i've added, do you believe my graphic card and processor run as they should? thank you soooo much for reply!