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  1. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    The says "don't touch a working system". Stand by it!! I updated my bios to latest, E758SZ2R and snow won't boot. It some how corrupted my root directory. Rebooted from a clean copy of snow from another hard drive I had, (Phew Glad I did that) Reinstalled snow back to Original drive using Teckno_Junkie's Snow Files kexts. (I dunno, I was thinking maybe it was a kext thing). Back to square one Sucks having to re re-install apps all the time. I guess thats the price you pay. I guess the question I had was, What caused this? Kexts maybe? JaE-V I was using the kexts you provided which differ from Teckno_Junkie's Snow Files kexts. I guess the notciable difference is, his has disabler.kext, dsmos.kext OpenHaltrestart.kext and yours has fakesmc.kext and sleepenabler.kext. Yikes helpppp. Which kexts are the correct ones? and do I simply place/remove them in Extras and rebuild using kextutility to install/uninstall? I also noticed that there was a new version of smc........... fakesmc_SL.kext. Should I use this? Also I'm noticing this.... Hardware UUID: 00000000-0000-1000-8000-000000000000 Even after editing my smbios.plist accordingly. Your help would be greatly appreciated. *UPdate: Jae-V I switched over to your kexts folder> replaced techno's kexts with yours and ran kext utility. I dunno if it helped any?
  2. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    Quick update. I updated my boot.plst to arch=i386 and was able to update to Chameleon RC3. All snow compatible apps working! Little Snitch running! Debating on reinstalling snow to another hard drive to address the disk utility; repair disk partition feature. Is this feature worth a reinstall?
  3. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    Thats strange it's listed as working on the little snitch site..... Applications that are now working/fixed, but previous versions have issues Little Snitch 2.2b1
  4. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    While running little snitch beta for Snow, system errors and asks me to shut down. : / Am I missing something? Update: I reinstalled Snow thinking it would fix the issue, unfortunately it didn't. While trying to install applications, system screen greys and prompts me to reboot. I did install the remote update from software update without any issues. I checked to see if the applications were compatible with snow and they were. I'm wondering if it is boot.plst issue? JaeV if you wouldn't mind uploading your plst I would like to compare. Any help here would be greatly appreciated?
  5. EVGA x58 Installation Guide

    First off I'd like to thank jaev, Aroc and everyone the communtity for coming together and getting this done. I went ahead and pushed forward with installing snow leopard on a new hard drive from my existing 10.5.6 OS. I followed both jaev and Aroc guide and managed to get snow up in running. I was able to put my com.apple.boot.plst together, copy over the required extensions and boot into snow. While running kextutility, I KP'd. Figures since I didn't boot with -x -v. Rebooted, figuered out how to add -x -v in chameleon, ran kextutility =KP rebooted w/ -x-v, Added smbios to snow dictertory, added themes in Extra/Extensions(not sure if that did anything). Ran kextutility it worked I KP'ed a few times in between, hard to remember where and when, but haven't since. networks running, graphics up, everything seems good. Is there a way to check to see if my system is in good shape, other then experiencing KP's?
  6. JaE-V, I used osx86tools to install the kexts and didn't make backups of the orginials. Any idea on how to reacquire the original kexts? Are they embedded inside the atkos disk somewhere?
  7. Hey guys, SO I've had my system up and running for about a month now. For the most part things are running but I am still gettting random lockups and I'm not sure why. I'm running the kernel 9.6.0 and these kexts installed.... jmicronATA, system, IONetworkingFamily, IOATAFamily, IOAHCIFamily, AppleAHCIPort. I've update my com.apple.Boot.plist for the kernel. help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Alright It seems as if I have a running system! Thanks to all. These are the steps I followed.... Running evga x58 with the latest bios.....SZ27 Used iATKOS 5i, In bios, set sata/pata, first option on AHCI Mode as well as the last, and second to last options and XMP Profile for ram. Loaded disk with "Busratio=20 cpus=1" -Customized, installer options all default with... Voodoo 9.5, AHCI Intel driver, (LAN) Realtek 1000, no video selection Rebooted with "busratio=20 -x -v" Downloaded osx86tools, generated string for 7600GT card. Downloaded OSX updates via software updater to 10.5.6 Updated Kernel to 9.6.0 via osx86tools and edited "com.apple.Boot.plist" file under /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration to mach_kernel. To get timemachine working I added, IONetworkingFamily.kext. Always boot with busratio=20. I have General system functionality except for a few things I'm still trying to pan out. I'm getting system freezes whenever I try wake from monitor or system sleep. And (which I believe is from plugging in my monitors usb hub/memory card reader) after a few hours, my system becomes unresponsive. Now I've read through this thread and have seen that many are including other kexts, i.e. JMicronATA.kext and System.kext and seatbelt.kext (10.5.5) and there are two packs that follow this thread. The "GA-EX58-UD5_Kexts.zip" and "EVGA_x58_Kexts.zip" which contain .kexts I haven't included. I also noticed that in the "EVGA_x58_Kexts.zip" pack there was a com.apple.Boot.plist that had this included... "<string>boot-uuid=Your_HD_UUID_Here busratio=20 macmodel=MacPro3,1 MemSpeed=1600 MemType=DDR3</string>" which I believe would resolve me having to always enter busratio=20 at startup and my memory showing DDR2 0mHz? Can I implement this with my system through text edit? If so, how? Also, I would really appreciate if someone could advise me as to which kexts I should add to remedy the situations above and to also get optimal system performance. I'm so close and your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks *Oh and I found this page "http://iatkos.wikidot.com/" which says "System must run on System.kext that belongs to your kernel version" Is this relevant?
  9. Wow great!! Unfortunately I am very new to all of this. While I’m learning quite a bit, I am still unfamiliar with how I would go about editing the boot.plist (library/preferences/system configuration/) Do I edit it with apple’s text app and enter “mach_kernal” instead of “custom” after I update the kernel through osx86helper? And I’m assuming I update to 9.6.0 after I install the updates through apples software installer? Hopefully this isn’t asking much but I would really appreciate step-by-step instructions on how to complete this procedure. Note: I am installing my system via Apple’s software updater. And Yes the 10.5.6 update was amongst the list of things being updated. Thanks for the heads up on the other kexts. I’ll be sure to do a fresh reinstall and include disable.kext, dsmos.kext and smbios.kext. Fingers crossed Thanks again!
  10. Update.... Graphics issue was resolved by removing all injectors and creating a string via osx86helper. Thanks guys. I did a fresh reinstall and downloaded "Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard kexts (now includes Voodoo-based 9.6.0 kernel). (4.1MB)" pack from page 9. Installed the kernel "mach_kernel.voodoo" through osx86helper from that pack (correct me if I'm wrong) which is I believe is the 9.6.0 kernel although it says 9.5.0 in osx86helper. Not sure why that is. Installed IONetworkingFamily.kext to get time machine to work. Run OSx updates through Software Updater.. It downloaded, installed and then hung up on restart. Forced a Shut-down, rebooted (with busratio=20), it seems to have updated per software updater.. Disabled sleep and monitor sleep in energy saver as it would freeze my computer. Only Screen saver. Wanted to see if anyone with a similar set-up added any of the other .kexts (i.e. system.kext, JMicronATA.kext) from the pack or if there is anything else I should add? Much appreciated!
  11. Its working!!! This is my first post here and I'm happy to report that after investing more then $1000, my system is up and running. I would like to thank everyone in this forum (thanks JaE-V), the distro developers, and everyone involved with getting this done. Thank you all!!! It seems as if things are running expect for a few hiccups. Help would be greatly appreciated. I'm having an issue which I believe has to do with my video card? I OSX menu bar is a grey dimmed color as opposed to the usual black. Also desktop looks grainy at 1900x1200 . I have used osx helper, downloaded the suggested driver and installed, no good. I've tried both nvidiainstaller 3.0 and 2.0 tried both Nvinject 0.2.0, Nvinject 0.2.1 with the 256 option, no good. I've tried removing kexts from system>extensions "Nvinject" and receipts folder and reinstalling, no good. I've even tried installing kext through Osx helper, nope. I did have a little luck with an older installer, nvidia installer .52 i believe. Checked vanilla and nvinjectGO(didn't have 256 option) with some results. Same issue as before until I open up safari and instantaneously the OSX menu turns the black that it should be. Rebooted, nope, until i open safari. Yikes!! The second issue pertains to ram and getting it to post in system profiler. Its saying DDR2 at 0MHz. The ram is DDR3 and read that is will be addressed in the next mac 10.5.7 update? I 'm running bios version SZ21. Any suggestions. Help, I'm so close.