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  1. SUCCESS HERE !!!! System: Nexoc E625 Laptop Intel Core2Duo T6400 2Ghz 2*2gb DDR2-800Mhz Intel P45m / ICH9R NVidia 9600M GT 512MB iDeneb 1.5 10.5.7 -> Update to 10.5.8 Just copied the kext and the bundle to the specified folders, fixed permissions and reboot WORKS GREAT, and I dont needed to install voodoo-ps2controller, internal kexboard+touchpad still working though Now I finally got a battery-view. BUT: Only the percentage is working, it does not recognize, wheter power-supply is plugged in or not. also he says "calculating ..... remaining" but he dont get further .... But im very happy now, to see how much power is left THANKS VERY MUCH would be glad, if there were some fixes for me now i just have to wait for a working intel 4965agn driver, and i got a complete macbookpro (like c2d and 9600m gt, which is working so great) greetings from germany (so excuse for some mistakes in language ) foxxx ...
  2. 9600M GT

    Dear guys, i finally got my GF 9600m GT working ! It's really easy, if you know what do to... System: based on Kalyway 10.5.2 -> updated to 10.5.6 All you need is: Nvidia 9000 Series Driver v2 NvDarwin 1.25 First you have to install the Nvidia drivers, then reboot. You will see no effect, but there is now something needed installed. Now you install NvDarwin 1.25 (or newer if available, should work also i think), open osx86-tools and repair permissions, clear extensions and fix extensions permissions (the first 3 actions). Cross fingers and reboot. This worked for me ! After reboot you can enable QuartGL Extreme with OSX86-tools if you want. My 9600m GT is fully supported and working with all QE/GL ! Just runs fine on my Laptop now. Hope this helps, best regards foxxx