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  1. Kot, i know this is stupid, but try reinstall. I have same problem. Anyway, best choice is install leo on empty HDD. =\
  2. Phyuuu.... Finally. It wirked now =))) Yukon ethernet, 8800GTX,Sleep, Reboot, Vanilla wok OTB. ALC888 worked with 1.20 taruga patcher + ncx5 dump. Only one thing... I have previously installed WinXP64 on different HDD. How i can add to darwin bootloader option for booting winxp? Changing HDD for boot in bios is boring =( Anyway, almost perfect release! Merci beaucoup, Kaly et Dune!
  3. Just one question. I only need to install leo from this dvd without "dancing around" EFI routine? If so, post in first message of topic. Tryed to search - useless. *_* My english bad *_*
  4. Abit IP35 Leopard install.

    =(((((((((( up
  5. Is SATA DVD-ROM is needed? Or i can install it by using IDE DVD-ROM? VMWare method won't work.... Search didn't help =(((( I get com.apple.bootlist not found on DVD-ROM boot =((( I can't even get ito installer.... If someone can help - PM or write a comment here. PS. Sorry for poor english -______________- Izvinite za hrenoviy angliyskiy...
  6. About freezes and "right click prob" it is Stuffit prob =) Just install update. On my configuration now it working perfectly!
  7. Best 10.4.10 Release

    TubGirl rulzzz =)) All working ootb.
  8. Interesting, is it possible to enable luminicent light for kbd???
  9. Well... I bought SATA controller with sli3132 chip. I already have installed osx on usb hard drive (hdd in box). Then i try to connect this hdd to sli3132 - i get still waiting for boot device. So, what i should do? flash bios? or what? please hp =(( UPD: Just flash to base firmware and it work natively =))) no drivers nedeed.
  10. I don't know what is in link that you give, i just install IONetworking from 10.4.10 kalyway dvd =))) And about mouse. It is usual USB mouse. I think thats not because of mouse. Finder sometimes hangs... i dunno why...
  11. It almost perfect release! Video and Audio work! But my network card realtek 8139 not =((( And i have a "right click" problem =(((( It reloads finder then i do this. Someone can help? PS. In kernel - Sochi 2014 - Russia GO-GO!
  12. Kalyway OSX86 10.4.10 Installer

    Same probem here =( Looks like he loads NVDANV30hal and NVDANV40Hal together. Maybe because of it...
  13. Is it possible to install Mac OS on this using SATA? Or i need ide hdd? i've tried to install 10.4.9 amd/intel, but disk utility don't see any hdd partition ((((( it's impossible? tell, please