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    [Guide] Asus G750 Sierra 10.12.3

    Hi, thanks to this thread and many hours searching I have Sierra on my G750GX. Mine is a bit different from most as it has a 120hz 3D screen internally connected to a display port. I have a whole load of windows and linux on one mbr disk and this Sierra on a second gpt clover disk. However, mostly working now, just tidying up a few things. Do you have the battery level working? I have installed RehabMans ACPIBatteryManager.kext and have an icon in the status bar. It shows when charging but battery percentage is always 0%. How about mouse scrolling? hardly works at all for my logitech. Thanks EDIT: not sure if anyone is actually reading this but... added a fix in dsdt and battery level working Mouse scrolling works ok with a simple Logitech mouse but not well at all with my Logitech gaming mouse G403 ????????
  2. gazzacbr

    Asus G750JX 3D screen brightness

    Hi, I want to add a brightness slider to my Mavericks install on my Asus G750JX (only thing missing from my hack) QE/CI working, sleep works from apple menu only, not from lid close or power button. A problem could be I need an EDID string in org.chameleon.Boot.plist in order for mavericks to see my laptop screen connected to an internal display port. Also, I can only boot with this string and nvidia web drivers. Card is Nvidia GTX770M and screen is 3D 120Hz, therefore needs the IDP connector. There is a brightness patch which adds a PNLF device but adding to DSDT did nothing. Is this because my laptop screen is seen as external? Can any one help me to solve this? DSDT with PNLF inserted and boots from Extra folder, SSDT-4 and ioreg attached. thanks in advance. garys asus mac hack.zip
  3. Hi, I have an Asus G750 and need a string (not made by me) in org.chameleon.Boot.plist to make my 3D screen work and also only with nvidia drivers. Is this how yours works? Does having that string make any difference? I failed many times to get brightness working on mine but will give it another go soon.
  4. gazzacbr

    where are console log files?

    thanks again, now its solved
  5. gazzacbr

    where are console log files?

    Doh! thanks Onixs, patched the new kernel, reinstalled latest nvidia web drivers and all is well one of the first things i check is the kernel version as i always have to patch for haswell. pretty sure when i cloned the 10.9.4 i forgot to change the volume name and probably checked it against itself i am guessing this will be about the last update before Yosemite... and a whole new set of problems EDIT: just marked this as solved, as it is for me, but the question was as title, anyone?
  6. Hi, just updated my hack to 10.9.5, reinstalled various kexts i need in S/L/E but and now its not starting it looks like the kernel was not changed in this update. i also removed all NV kexts as my laptop will only work with an efi string in chameleon and web drivers from nvidia. booting using -v -x and after scrolling through all kexts it just immediately restarts. i multi boot with other os's so can access the updated version files from my working copy of 10.9.4. would there be anything in the console log to tell me why it is crashing? if so, question as title, where can i find the console log files? thanks.
  7. gazzacbr

    Errors compiling SSDT - Asus G750JX

    Hi, @Rehabman: ok, so went back to basics. the initial disassembly process was done, using the tables copied directly from linux, with iasl -d * then i edited the tables in mavericks with maciasl and also with dsdt editor and both showed the same errors. but if i recompile directly in linux with iasl -tc the error is not there???? are maciasl and dsdt edit just not that good with multiple SSDTs? or is there another way to use them?
  8. gazzacbr

    Errors compiling SSDT - Asus G750JX

    hmm, no one eh? ok, easy one this time... can some one just check this SSDT-7 Fixed.dsl.txt, compile it and reopen the compiled aml? (extension .txt only added so i can attach it here) pretty please. (original extracted file attached also in acpi_ssdt8.zip) i cleared the errors already and most warnings and can compile it. when i reopen the .aml the ROM method errors are back. thanks. SSDT-7 Fixed.dsl.txt acpi_ssdt8.zip
  9. gazzacbr

    Errors compiling SSDT - Asus G750JX

    Hi, I have extracted the DSDT and 8 (!) SSDTs from my Asus G750JX. I am preparing to try to patch them to add a brightness slider (not exactly sure how just yet). My laptop has a 3D 120hz screen and needs an EFI string as OS X doesnt see the lcd connected to the internal display port. (string kindly generated by AREOS http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293967-solved-asus-rog-laptops-with-kepler-cards-not-detecting-dp-2-connected-lcd-display/page-1 ) I have cleared errors etc from the DSDT and 7 of the SSDTs. The 8th one (acpi_ssdt8.aml which contains graphics info) has this method _ROM screwed up: Method (_ROM, 2, Serialized) // _ROM: Read-Only Memory { If (RBUF (Add (Arg0, RBUF (Local0, ShiftLeft (Arg1, 0x03, Local1), Name (VBUF, Buffer (Arg1) {}), OperationRegion (VROM, SystemMemory, Local0, 0x1000), Field (VROM, ByteAcc, NoLock, Preserve) { ROMI, 32768 }), Store (ROMI, VBUF)), Return (VBUF), Else { Return (Buffer (One) { 0x00 }) })) {} } I have edited to this and it compiled it to SSDT-7.aml but when i re-open the new compiled file the error is still there???? Method (_ROM, 2, Serialized) // _ROM: Read-Only Memory { If (RBUF) { Add (Arg0, RBUF, Local0) ShiftLeft (Arg1, 0x03, Local1) Name (VBUF, Buffer (Arg1) {}) OperationRegion (VROM, SystemMemory, Local0, 0x1000) Field (VROM, ByteAcc, NoLock, Preserve) { ROMI, 32768 } Store (ROMI, VBUF) Return (VBUF) } Else { Return (Buffer (One) { 0x00 }) } } Can some kind person check this and tell me where I am going wrong? p.s. if you can add in the brightness patch at the same time that would be great thanks. gazzacbr Asus G750JX.zip
  10. @Pahcixam: maybe better to start a new thread as this one is solved and you dont even have the same laptop...
  11. @k3nny: ok thanks, i got it. i had added the string under the graphics section instead of devices @daxuexinsheng: 1. er, my card works in my laptop (but so do most nvidia cards in most laptops). FYI: Its Nvidia GTX 770M, laptop is G750. Please read the linked thread, I am not sure how general the solution is. 2. Clover Configurator does not seem to work without an internet connection (it wants to check for updates) which is not much use for me generally (and poor programming)
  12. Hi, I finally have a working mavericks 10.9.2 on my asus G750. It only works fully from Chameleon with nvda_drv=1, an efi string (kindly provided by AREOS) and the nvidia web drivers. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293967-solved-asus-rog-laptops-with-kepler-cards-not-detecting-dp-2-connected-lcd-display/page-1 I want to try to boot a copy of this from Clover on my other gpt disc. What are the options in Clover similar to nvda_drv=1 and how do I insert the efi string? thanks.
  13. Hi, IOReg with Apple drivers will be the same as before? With Apple drivers and efi string laptop still does not boot from the lcd only and now it actually does not boot with the Apple drivers and a monitor attached. Its only booting with nvidia drivers and your efi string. Where to start a new thread for the G750?
  14. Hi, ioreg attached was booting from nvidia drivers. I am certainly interested in Brightness backlight control for the display - this is top of the list, i use a brightness slider which give a strange grey glow when turned down CPU power Management - how to check speedstep etc Audio with 2.1 sound using AppleHDA - using voodoo now which is ok, i have all sound and mic, is this much better? Keyboard Backlight - nice to have but i usually have it turned off even in windows While the display was a problem I didnt really research these other minor problems. I am marking this one as solved new threads can be made for the other stuff.
  15. @AREOS: you da man!!!! :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: well, i am typing from my 3D 120hz Asus screen with latest NVidia web driver, 331.01.01f02 and your efi string. System is 10.9.2 Card fully recognised and all working I assume i have full accelleration as chess plays correctly and dashboard has wave effect. FYI I have attached an ioreg of the system working now. Hopefully this is a generic solution and puts Hacks another notch up for kepler and 3D 120Hz. Nice one. Thanks for not giving up. gazzacbr success.ioreg.zip