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  1. Need a Kext Hack (8187SE)

    Quite frankly that won't help, because it's a diff between two versions of the 8187se driver, not between the 8187 and 8187se... If you read the first line of the diff you should notice that too... Don't expect the 8187 driver to work with 8187se, seems like realtek is writing a completely new driver for linux so you will just have to wait for realtek to release a 8187se driver for osx (if they ever will). Regards, Michael
  2. This is just {censored}. What serious company would ever use a .tk domain? And look at the website, it's about as bad as any small town computer retailer's website. I honestly can't take this seriously... Regards, Michael
  3. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Apple already changed some prices, but since you know it all so well I'm not gonna point them out to you. On the other hand Apple shows us in Europe prices where tax is included. Complain to your local government for having a ~20% tax on computers, not to Apple.
  4. Apple iMacs Updated!

    In the Netherlands (and probably more of Europe) prices have changed too. We've always have had to pay about the same amount in EUR as the price is in USD, the price in EUR being with 19% tax included. Now the Mac Mini is available from EUR 499 as was EUR 599 previous (need to go to buy now page or store to see it, information page still says 599) and the cheapest iMac is now EUR 999. Regards, Michael
  5. No, it's similar to saying AOL restricts their users to only surf their websites, or Apple saying to only install the OS on their machines, really, I think you're making a slight error figuring out the analogy. It's ok that you think about it that way, I happen to think that if I buy software, be it an operating system or a simple utility, that I shouldn't be restricted to run it on certain hardware only, or only on a certain OS. If EA games would say that I can't run their games on Linux, then I'd really have to think twice before buying any game they make. Yes it certainly is. I happen to own a Mac Mini and an iPod Touch. I don't think there's anything wrong with Apple's price point either, but why can't I choose whether I want my machine big and ugly instead of small and beautiful? And if you do want the beautiful, then you buy the real deal, I don't see any issues with that. Going to an Apple store is a wonderful trial of what you're about to spend your money on. OSx86 is about the ability to choose to run a great OS on hardware that's no different than the hardware your neighbours buy. Perhaps some people will use OSx86 as a trial before buying a real Mac. You can also argue that if someone doesn't use it as a trial, but just uses it and because he gets used to it decides to buy a real Mac that Apple will still profit from it. You could also argue that if he couldn't run it on his current PC he'd buy a real Mac right away. There's lot's of stuff to argue about, but I myself can say for sure that I didn't buy a Mac because I could run OSx86 on other hardware too. If that wouldn't have been possible, I might have thought about buying a Mac instead (well actually a second Mac, considering I own a Mac Mini). What WE ALL are doing is making money out of Apple's hard work. Well actually, we save money by not spending it on Apple's hardware but spending it on a cheaper computer that will also satisfy all our needs. Of course Psystar should talk to netkas and work something out, but on the other hand did netkas ever complain that Kalyway used his stuff on his DVDs? Netkas will reach a far larger public now, whether he likes it or not. If he doesn't like it, he can use legal matters to stop Psystar from using his software, unless he already gave permission in the first place without thinking this would ever happen. Then it's his mistake. Although I can feel sympathy for such a mistake, that's how the world is. Rather than worrying about it, were I netkas I'd ask Psystar to donate him money for his EFI implementation, hire him to further develop it, or hire him anyway because there is some chance Apple will try to find new ways to prevent OS X to run on regular machines. Either way, I think Psystar is not doing wrong YET. If they will start acting like crazy {censored}, then to hell with them. Anyone here can figure that is Psystar will just use the OSx86 community that the OSx86 community will say to everyone using Psystar hardware that they can go ask Psystar for support and not the community. Already answered it a bit above, but will answer in short again:1) Shouldn't netkas have restricted permission instead of saying Psystar has to ask permission? Perhaps all that Psystar could've made up from netkas site is that PC_EFI is free for all to use. I must admit I haven't seen any statement from netkas yet, and I do like to know what he thinks about it. 2) You don't have to pay money to use something. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. There's no such rule that says that when you use something, you have to pay for it. And again, you're accusing Psystar of what everyone's doing here. How many people here DID buy Leopard because they're running it on a regular X86 machine? Of course some, but again I'm sure I didn't. I don't mean to upset anyone either, I do try to show some of you that statements made here are incorrect or sometimes maybe even hypocrite. I'm not saying that I AM right, but I do think I gave some good points to think about for everyone insisting that Psystar are thieves, unethical or whatever.Last but not least... I bought my Mac Mini for EUR 350. It was new, but an old model. It's a 1.5GHz Core Solo model with 512MB RAM, but I upgraded it to 2GB RAM. Everything works great in Leopard, it actually even feels faster than Leopard on my self-built Core 2 Duo E8400 with 4GB RAM and a Geforce 8800GTS/512 (G92). My Mac Mini thus was cheaper than what Psystar is offering (I know $ != EUR, but the EUR 350 is including tax and about every Apple product has the same pricetag in $ as in EUR, so I may assume it's cheaper than $ 399) and it works flawlessly. I know I was lucky, there were only 150 of those Mac Mini's left and I managed to get 2 of them (one for my gf too) because a friend of mine works at a local Apple premium reseller, but this also means there's still choice. Plus I got the shiny little Mac Mini, instead of the shiny big Open Computer.Regards,MichaelP.s. My new computer actually happens to use the Antec Performance One P182 as case, which is also the case that Psystar is using for their Open Pro, so I can add Psystar does have a great taste! I'm taking your word on the GMA 950 issue(s), but saying it's impossible to install from the retail DVD without patching is of course not true. If they can create a simple bootloader that loads the DVD image after loading PC_EFI than there's nothing to it anymore. And because they, like Apple, have some control over the hardware used, it shouldn't be really hard for them to create such a thing. Actually I think it would certainly be possible to create such a thing without any hardware dependence. There's a floppy boot loader called something like Smart Boot Manager which allows systems that can't do a BIOS-boot from CD to boot from CD using that floppy, so why wouldn't it be possible to create something similar for OSx86? If you also know what video card is uses you can add EFI strings for that too, and you're all set to install with a retail Leopard disc.
  6. I think the analogy is great. However, you have the choice to agree to Apple's license or to bring back OS X to the store where you bought it. And there's the real problem for Apple, a lot of stores won't just accept it if you take your Leopard install disc back because you didn't agree with the EULA. This will also show us if an EULA is actually binding. This has been discussed many times before, for Windows, certain kinds of adware and now the discussion starts for OS X. We'll see what happens, but I for one surely hope that Psystar can win this battle and can seel these computers. I also noticed that Psystar renamed their cheap machine from OpenMac to Open Computer and that they introduced the Open Pro, a faster PC that will run OS X. I guess they couldn't get away with calling their machine OpenMac because Apple owns the Mac trademark. There's one last thing I want to add... Apple's lawyers are not stupid either. If they think they can't win a case about the EULA, Apple will probably just let Psystar make their offerings without interruption. Apple can still scare some people off with their EULA that way. If they'd lose in court over their EULA, then any computer manufacturer can start delivering OS X on normal machines. I think my local computer store would like that too. Regards, Michael
  7. I don't know what you're talking about, but there's no such thing as a Mac with an Intel 915 AFAIK. I have a mac mini with a 1.5 GHz Core Solo, that's the oldest Intel Mac Mini there is, and it has an Intel GMA 950. Older Mac Minis use an ATI cards, so there's no Mac with a GMA 915... I currently (without having any time spent on it, just Kalyway install and no more) have native resolution support on my laptop, but it only starts with external monitor attached. Core Image is done in software, Quartz Extreme is MIA. I hope someone will figure this all out, but I really doubt we'll get anywhere with the apple driver... Regards, Michael
  8. I'm trying to help MeDevil with fixing support for nforce mcp51. In linux mcp51, mcp61 and afaik all other mcp 5x and mcp 6x are supported by one driver and one set of routines in that driver, so when nforce mcp51 works all others will probably too. Yesterday I discovered something odd with timings reported in dmesg, so perhaps the problem is there... Other than that MeDevil hasn't been able to figure out what could be the problem yet, so I really hope it's here and we can fix it... Anyway, all of you with mcp chipsets don't worry, we're not forgetting you... Greetings, Michael
  9. LaptopDisplay

    Hey guys, I just installed the NvidiaEFI kext, and it's the first nvidia graphics kext with which I can get osx86 to display anything on my geforce 6100... I can't change resolutions or anything yet, but that's what my question is related to... Should I also install the NV40 kext or other nvidia kexts? I moved all kexts starting with NV or Geforce because I didn't get anything on my screen with them, so I'm on vesa now. Does nvidiaefi work together with one of them? or should I also install natit? Thanks in advance, Michael
  10. Hi all, I had quite some troubles getting osx86 to run on my ASUS Pundit P1-AH2, so I thought I'd post some information here... First off: http://www.asus.com/products4.aspx?modelme...l2=3&l3=408. Specs of my machine: Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 1GB PC2-6400 DDR2 (G.E.I.L.) 250GB Samsung Spinpoint S-ATA2 hd 20GB Quantum IDE hd (until sata driver works) NEC DVD-Writer There's onboard nforce lan, onboard geforce 6150 video, onboard azalia sound. Installing I used the JaS 10.4.8 install DVD. I actually used the first one, without the ppf patch that was released later, because I already had this DVD. Booting the install DVD worked like a charm, but my sata a harddisk didn't get detected. medevil is writing a driver, it already works for most nforce sata chipsets but not on nforce mcp 51, which is what is used in this machine. So off I was to add an IDE disk. The mainboard in this barebone pc only has one IDE connector, so it had to share the connector with the DVD drive. I hooked an IDE hd and the DVD drive up and tried 2 different cables and various master/slave combinations and I couldn't get the DVD to boot anymore... It would start and do some stuff, then try to boot off the hd but it would never try to boot off the DVD itself. Now there's an IDE cable that comes with the barebone, so I decided I'd give it a last try with that cable. The cable is very short though, so first I had to figure out where to put the drives. When I connected that cable everything worked again. Now the DVD would boot, the harddisk was found. Now I ran into my next problem. I'm not sure what caused it, but it could be a bad harddisk. Anyway, it would show up in disk utility as 7.9 GB hd, but it's 20GB. I booted into linux, fdisked the drive, emptied it, created a new primary partition 1 taking up all the space with partition type af and made active and rebooted. Now the disk showed up correctly in disk utility, I erased it as hfs, journaled and went on with installing. I had to reinstall a couple of times, and the install I'm currently working with I left out everything, except the AMD support. I already tried installing with natit and some other stuff, but that wasn't giving me much pleasure. I assume you do the same and install without any other optional components, though you can install Azalia audio support and other stuff if you like... After the install completed you need to boot to safe mode, so at the boot prompt smash a key and enter "-s" (without the quotes). When it's all booted type "mount -uw /" (without the quotes) and then type "./patcher amd_1048_new.txt" (without the quotes). I know this is not what it says while installing, but the file that gets mentioned while installing isn't there. A lot of stuff will probably get patched. I have no clue if it's needed, but it didn't harm my setup. When I tried to boot after this I'd end up with some text displaying on my screen, perhaps even kernel panics, I can't really remember. I decided I'd best start at removing the Geforce* kexts from /System/Library/Extensions, so I moved them all to another folder and until now didn't do anything with them. I also moved all NV* kexts, but they got back after installing natit (and uninstalling again) and they don't seem to be in the way of anything. If all is well it should boot now, it did for me... More, more, more! Now you should have a basic osx86 install. I didn't have working networking. I didn't have audio, my screen resolution was 1024x768 and I didn't have access to my sata hd. Networking This system has onboard nforce network. Linux reports it as 'MCP51 Ethernet Controller', which is good enough for me. In linux I use the forcedeth driver, so I thought the forcedeth darwin port would work. planetbeing did great work at http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=12933. I downloaded the driver from there and was going to set it up for my system. The device ID is 0x026910DE and it's not in the list. So I edited the Info.plist file in the forcedeth.kext and added this device ID to the list of devices already there. I first tried the forcedeth.kext, it detected a 100 Mbps link, but it didn't do much more for me... Then I added my device ID to the forcedeth-nockd.kext and loaded that one, and that did work. Now if you want you can copy this one over to /System/Library/Extensions but it spams dmesg a lot, so I decided to leave it on my desktop and load when needed. I pmed the author and he told me that the spamming was happening because this is the debug version, hence the d in nockd. forcedeth-nock.kext wasn't working right now, but the author told me it was just a matter of recompiling, so it should work very soon. The spamming is no show-stopper though, so on to the next part! Audio When networking was working there were only a couple of things that still had to be fixed. One was audio, so I decided to see if I could find a bit more about HD audio support in OS X and about the device that was on the mainboard. It turned out to be Realtek ALC 861, or in short Azalia audio. The thread at http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=34075 discusses how to set up Azalia audio. I didn't install the kext for this one, but I already noticed it was in /Backuped-Extensions or something like that, so I copied it over to /System/Library/Extensions and followed the guide. What I needed were 2 device ID's, one for part A, which is 0x10EC0861 and one for part B, which is 0x026c10de. After adding these device ID's to the Info.plist files as described at the thread I just linked too, and rebooting, sound worked just fine. Graphics As I mentioned above I removed all Geforce* kexts to get my machine to boot. If the kexts are there it'll only boot when using -x, and that also leaves you with a vesa driver and 1024x768 resolution. I'd rather have a normal boot than booting into safe mode with the extensions there, so I left them where I put them. I tried installing natit with the installer from http://installers.dl.am, but that got me stuck with a boot that wasn't working. I tried macvidia drivers in another install, and that way I also ended up with a system that wouldn't do a normal boot, but I still have to try them again. Meanwhile, if anyone can point me to more sources that might help to solve this problem I'd be happy to check them out, but now I'm stuck with 1024x768. S-ATA I'm testing as much as I can for medevil and bikedude (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=35985) but we haven't been able to get more than read support on mcp51 sata drives. Eventually support will be there and you can just use a sata hd, for now I have my disks laying on top of my barebone. This is work in progress and I can't say when it'll be done, but again this is not a show-stopper. Other stuff What else can I discuss? USB works fine, firewire should work fine too, DVD/CD burning should work like a charm, but I haven't tried that yet. If you have any questions I can answer I'd be happy to do so. Credits This is the most important of this small guide... Credits go out to: Semthex for doing great work on the kernel JaS for the excellent installer DVD(s) Bikedude for starting to work on nforce4sata medevil for continuing that work Rammjet for the audio solution planetbeing for the forcedeth port to darwin And of course all the ppl that helped me at any time when I had questions on irc! I hope more ppl will buy this barebone and run OSx86 on it, it's a nice stand-in for a real mac! Greetings, Michael
  11. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Just wanted to let you all know my onboard ethernet on nvidia mcp51 board works by using the forcedeth-nockd driver. I had to add device id to the Info.plist: 0x026910de. With the normal forcedeth kext it would see that it was connected, but dhcp wouldn't work and setting ip manual didn't seem to solve anything either. With forcedeth-nockd everything works fine though! Thanks for all the work you guys did on this driver! Greetings, Michael
  12. I kinda figured that out, but could someone point me to a guide on modifying the dvd? Is this something that can only be done in OSx86? I do have a working install on my laptop too, but I have no clue if my dvd writer works there... So else I gotta wait for someone else to include it into a dvd... I would be very grateful if someone could write or point me to a step by step guide on adding these drivers to a dvd... Greetings, Michael
  13. Did any of you guys try to use a sata drive as root device yet? I have an asus pundit barebone, with nvidia 51 mcp chipset and it only has space for one hd and I wasn't planning on ditching my sata hd. If you installed your osx86 directly onto your sata hd plz tell me how you did, then I can have a go at it again too... Greetings, Michael