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  1. Dear All, I beg for your kind help getting me out of this trouble. I constantly get reboot. This can be avoided by setting "cpus=1", which I didn't need before, and I lost bluetooth (and perhaps other stuff). Now here is a long story with details. I had successfully installed iDeneb 1.4 on X60s with the following options: ---- ACPI Kext 10.5.6 PS2Fix Keyboard AppleAzaliaAudio ICHx Fixed Intel100ProVE AppleSMBIOS MacBook BatteryManager IntelGMA950 ---- Ethernet, bluetooth, video (QE/CI), power management (laptop battery) worked OOB. Unfortunately sleep didn't work, so I tried several options in vain. One thing I tried was installing Chameleon EFI from OSx86 Tools. When I rebooted, however, I got a CMOS checksum error once and never again. (Maybe this part is unrelated to the problem.) I didn't change any CMOS setup, but the system didn't boot alright. So I reinstalled iDeneb 1.4 with the same option. After successful installation, when I rebooted, the system automatically rebooted after ---- MAC Framework successfully initialized using 16384 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers ---- I tried installation several times on different hard disks, but am getting the same trouble. Worrying that the BIOS got bad, I also downloaded the newest BIOS update from Lenovo and installed, but all the same. Then I figured out that setting cpus=1 for the vanilla kernel will boot the system beyond the rebooting point above. As a downside, I no longer have bluetooth. Maybe I am lucky to get even this, but I know for sure this system X60 works perfectly with bluetooth and sleep (without wireless, of course). Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I suspect that this is not a hardware issue and BIOS related. I also tried bunch of different options for the BIOS setting (including the default), but no luck so far. Thank you very much. === EDIT: After enabling Data Execution Prevention, the system booted properly and recognized both cores.
  2. This one worked with sleep for X60s. Thanks a lot. Somehow this one didn't work at all in the same system.