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  1. SUCCESSFUL 10.5.7 UPGRADE! OK, Here is a step-by-step tutorial to upgrade the Intel D945GCLF2 with onboard video to 10.5.7 from iPC 10.5.6. I am not sure if some of this is superfluous, or whether EVERYTHING still works, but here goes... Backup your hard drive! Be sure the DVD drive is at the top of the boot order in the BIOS. Download the 10.5.7 Delta update from Apple's web site. I did not use "Software Update". Open OSX86 Tools and back up the Voodoo kernel and System Extensions, just in case. Insert the iPC 10.5.6 DVD in the disc drive but do not open it. Run the 10.5.7 install package and let the computer restart. Upon reboot, be sure to hit a key to load the iPC DVD. From DVD, open Disk Utility and repair permissions on the iPC install partition. This is a good time to crack open a beverage and relax... When that's done go through install options and select Customize. UNCHECK iPC Base System! Check only: 9.5.0 Voodoo Kernel Intel GMA950 Video ALC662 Audio 10.5.5 Seatbelt.kext Skip DVD check and install. This should only take a minute or two. When computer restarts again, remove DVD, and hit F8 for boot options. Hit -f and -v to force load extensions and look for issues. I got 2 more reboots, I didn't flag for the second boot, and it loaded right up. I still have sound, GFX, ethernet, and all else seems well. I haven't had USB 2.0 since the original iPC install and still don't. Just 1.1. Does anyone have a fix for that? Mark
  2. Can you describe your update routine? I still haven't seen a 10.5.7 install report with this Intel board setup and onboard video. TIA. Mark
  3. Props go to the OP for this guide and PCwiz for the iPC distro and osx86 Tools. After some trial and error, here is what I did to come up with all functions, including sleep, restart, audio out, and adjustable display resolution with the Dual Core Intel Atom board and iPC FINAL. First I updated the BIOS to v.150 using the .ISO file from Intel's site, burnt to a CD using Disk Utility (Mac) or any of the well known Windows apps. Under Customize: 9.5.0 Voodoo Kernel, NOT 9.3.0 Sleep Audio Driver, Azalia (I couldn't get ALC662 to work) Wireless Driver: Ralink RT 2500 USB for my 802.11g Mac compatible stick. Note that upon first start-up, you may get a security warning, if so, click fix. Of course, if you have another wireless networking USB or PCI card, choose the appropriate driver. All other customize options on original post work. After you click Install, mine took only 10 minutes, don't stray far away, you must be at the computer when install calls for reboot. Remember don't click restart, let the clock wind down. When rebooting, at the "Intel" splash, hit F2 to enter bios. Click over to boot menu and make sure the hard drive is on top of the boot list. Save and confirm by pressing Y. Upon reboot, after Intel screen, you have a countdown for boot options. Hit F8. The installed hard drive should be highlighted. Hit -f to load Kernel extensions and -v for verbose as previously noted. It's important, but only has to be done once. From here on, everything on the original post worked for me with the added note that there will be a warning about installing Chameleon on the boot volume. Ignore it and proceed. I have a 19" widescreen monitor with 1440x900 res, and it's supported with QE/CI. The only thing not working is Mike input, I use a Griffin USB iMic instead. As for updates, I updated all apps through Apple, (QT, iTunes, etc.) without issue. As for updating to 10.5.7 when it comes around, use the OSX86 tools for backing up kernels and kexts, update from Apple, then restore kernels and kexts, (Don't restart in between these operations!) should make the process painless, we'll see. I did a second install on another small partition to test software update before doing it for real on the main install. Total cost with all new parts, Rosewill R103A ATX mid tower with 350W P/S, Asus IDE DVD writer, 2GB Kingston DDR2/667, WD 320GB SATA HD, and D945GCLF2 was $222.94. It's a huge step above my 700MHz G4 iMac. Hope this helps someone.