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  1. I have TRIM support enabled by kext patching directly set in Clover's config, and I have no problem with ethernet even under very heavy load. Thx for your answer, good to know this driver doesn't interfere with iMessage in any way as you said you have it working. I will try to set all needed HW details again this weekend, maybe I forgot something... Madwad
  2. Mieze, first of all, many thanks for your hard work, this is absolutely working driver for GA-Z77-DS3H without any crashes even under heavy load. But... I don't really know if it may be related or not to this driver, but since I installed it onto my hack (10.8.x) replacing obsolete and unstable AtherosE2200Ethernet driver, iMessage stopped working, which previously worked OOB. So I have to ask, if this driver may interfere with iMessage or I have to investigate problem elsewhere? Do you have or anyone here this driver installed with iMessage working? Some little help would be very appreciated, cause I already tried out (all?) workarounds found on the forum/web to get it working, but without success. Still problem with logging in to iMessage... Week ago I decided to reinstalled my machine to 10.10 Yosemite, I hoped the problem disappears... After one day of trial and errors, I installed this new OS with 100% stable and working HW (sleep/wake, autosleep, net, audio, fusion drive, dual monitors, usb, ...), but the same and identical problem keeps continuing I had before on 10.8. Just in case, I mention that I'm on Clover with 10.10, I've used Chimera before with 10.8 - same problem with both of these bootloaders, and I use and also used FusionDrive. After 4 days running hack on 10.10, I can say, the Mieze's driver works under Yosemite without any issue or instability problem, exactly same as under Montain Lion. I guess your problem is elsewhere... I don't use WOL, so I cannot say anything about it. Thx Madwad