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  1. €250 MoBo + €250 video card + € 250 processor + € 150 SSD + €100 a well cooled RAM + €100 various {censored} + €100 2TB HDD = €1200 That's a second hand Mac Pro with pretty neat specs. And at least you're sure it's fully supported and no bricking update will be released. I mean, seriously? €250? Money making scheme, that's what this is.
  2. Not that terrible, but every time I restart my Hackintosh, I have to plug my mic out and shove it back in to get the mic to work. Also the mic volume slider resets to the middle position both in the MIDI control panel and in the sound control panel. Also it's a tad quiet(er) than it's supposed to be. MoBo: P8B75-M (Asus) Sound card: VIA VT1708S 8 channel Driver: VoodooHDA 2.8.2 Cheers .
  3. Shaweek

    OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    Anyone tested it on a Radeon 7770? Last time I tried, it gave me a white screen, had to boot in safe mode and manually delete the 7000 kext.
  4. Shaweek

    VT1708S audio not working

    It does, I was dumb enough to read a 2010 forum and download an older version of VoodooHDA. Latest one works (output only). But for now, I'm back to Windows till my Radeon 7770 will be fully supported. I sure hope 10.8.3 will provide that. Thanks guys!
  5. I personally find WP 7.8 more than great. I own a Lumia 900 and tbh, I'd never go back to any other mobile OS. I think each OS has its perks.
  6. Tried all the kexts I found, none works. Motherboard: P8B75-M. OS X 10.8.2 I'd like for both output and input to work, but output at least would be ok. Seen some self-editing kext (device ID) possibilities. How does that work? Thanks in advance.
  7. Shaweek

    AUDIO for ASUS p8b75-m ( Via VT1708S FOR ML 10.8

    Which kext did you use to get the output working then?
  8. Shaweek

    Advice on a good SSD?

    Ok thanks; so the answer is, as I've already thought, YES! And I've already made my choice. It'll be a 120GB Corsair SSD.
  9. Shaweek

    Transparent menu bar

    Yes, you can use Candybar 3 to tweak your Dock's appearance. I have no idea about the menu bar tho, I guess it's hardcoded into the OS. Cannot be changed. But it does look 80-90% transparent if the color behind it is closer to white than to black. That's about it .
  10. Hey! I'm a proud owner of a new Mac Mini (mid 2011). I've bought the base model (799 euros) with no upgrades. Now I want to install an SSD, because it's the one who'd make the biggest difference. So, 2 questions: 1. Can I install them (HDD & SSD) side-by-side? (I guess that yes, because they had an option to buy the Mini with an SSD AND an HDD) 2. Sata3 works, doesn't it? (6Gb thingy) 3. Sorry, most of you don't understand dutch, but I guess that the description from the "Specificaties" Tab is quite global: http://www.mycom.nl/Product/Opslag-Solid-S...n=tweakersclick <-- Is this one good enough in your opinion? Ok, that was it . Cheers Mac fellas!
  11. Shaweek

    Packard Bell Dot S2

    I have that netbook... i tried with snow leo but it gave me a kernel panic regarding the CPU everytime... with leopard, you may not be able to install using Vanilla, but you might be able to install it the AMD way... check the AMD tutorials or the atom tutorials regarding netbooks and/or laptops. The wireless card should be fixed with a generic atheros wireless LAN kext. If not, make sure that you have a 2nd PC or laptop to download it after. So afterall, the netbook shouldn't have any problems. Mine had with snow leopard, with leopard, there sholdn't be any. If Leopard succeeds, that means that you need a modified kernel for Snow. Or use the 10.5 working kernel (it might work, but only up to 10.6.1 or so, before the Atom was no longer supported).
  12. Hi everyone! I didn't see any discussion about this anywhere, so I've decided to start the topic myself. Google Chrome (for Linux and Mac) has finally entered the BETA stage. Here's a screenshot: And the BETA can be downloaded here: http://google.com/chrome Mac OS X 10.5 or above needed. Also, the beta AND the current version of the Windows Chrome do seem to look more and more like the Chromium OS. If you don't believe me, see it for yourself. And yes, it does work on a Hackintosh and on a genuine Mac with no problems... only some bugs are reported and visible, but they don't really affect the whole system. Have fun trying it!
  13. Shaweek

    Silverlight problem

    I do see that instead of answering this guy's question, everyone is complaining about the posting rules... I'll try to answer, even though I don't really know which is the problem here. If you're using Safari 4.0.4 and Silverlight 3, make sure first to have all the updates for all the other plugins, and of course that I've noticed lately that Silverlight begins to halt and crash when there's a kernel panic concerning the CPU. Because more and more people want to install SiL on Hacks, MS has implemented a fix for that. A kernel panic doesn't necessarily break the whole system, it may be short and unnoticeable, like this one. So if you've hacked too the InstallationCheck from the .pak, then this might be the problem. And the other browsers do not install Silverlight correctly because of the same matter. This is the only problem I could think of. Maybe even if you DO have a Vanilla install or not, the strange CPU and architecture is noticeable. Ah, one more thing; there's a short term problem with the compatibility between CoolIris, Flash 10 and Silverlight, that should've been fixed in Safari 4 and the new yesterday (or the day before?)'s build of the SiL plugin. So good luck with solving the problem and have a nice day! ^^
  14. Shaweek

    Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard

    You choose the lang you prefer from the setup itself. If you choose ENG_GB (English Great Britain) it won't install the OS in Spanish just because you live there... It's up to you to choose. Or if you prefer an upgrade, then the language you already have will remain. So no, there's no language issue.
  15. Shaweek

    Is Safari 3 safe to install on Hackintosh?

    I don't know exactly if it's 10.5.2 compatible or if it needs 10.5.7, but on my iDeneb 1.6 (10.5.8) it works seamlessly updated from the System Update without any issues at all. So if it's pre-10.5.7 compatible, feel free to install it... Everything works.