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  1. Stoplight 1.0 Bugs

    I added preveiw to the exclude list and now i cant remove any apps from the exclude list > I can add them but not remove them, and it doesnt appear to be working neways. Whatever it would be nice to have it it did work And yes i tried uninstalling and reinstalling fresh but still nothin. Well life goes on.
  2. I got MaC.OsX.10.4.5.Universal.Install.DVD(INTEL_AMD_SSE3_SSE2).iso to install on my system through vmware!!! Ive got a dell dimmension 4300 with 512mb ram and a pentium4 1.6 ghz sse2 XP on my 80gb and osx on my 40gb A few fixes for problems i had during this install. The only problems i ran into was. 1. When booting from the disk in vmware (virtual disk) it would stop for a long time and then popup saying that it tried writing with dma or something, whatever i didnt fix the error but i made the wait a whole lot shorter just by changing the mount point of the disk drive in vmware to the second drive on the primary channel (the drive just under the hdd). I still got the error msg but it pops up in only a second or were as before it took about 5 minutes. 2. I install fine and reboot. In order to reboot to the hdd in vmware without the system freezing and saying it stopped the proccessor i had to simply boot to the dvd again and just open the boot options and enter the root of your hdd ('rd=disk0s1' in my case since i am useing my whole hdd). you will then boot to your hdd. 3. Finish the install and then you should be able to reboot your computer and boot into osx(i used the windows boot.ini method). Sound doesnt work but im not gunna cry about it. Proccessor comes up as 3 ghz everything runs smoothly and almost all apps work. and thoughs are just a few tips i can give from expirience happy modding
  3. My problem is not that iTunes doesnt run but that when i try to play a song the progress bar just sits there and doesnt move! I have a sse2 pentium 4 1.62gHz with the maxxuss patch. I did the itunes upgrade through the upgrade tool in osx so i have the latest version. EDIT: I will post a screen shot later this afternoon (im in school right now )