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  1. Is it possible to make a clean install of Snow Leopard without a working Leopard installation? My previous installation of Leopard was screwed up since I played with it too much. Now I want to wipe everything and start over.
  2. Hard drive making noise

    Same here, except that I'm using a desktop with 2 SATA drives. I have iDeneb 1.4 and I notice the HDDs emit significant more noise than when I use Ubuntu and Windows. Could this harm the HDD in the long run?
  3. Asus M3A78-EM 10.5.6

    I've found a temporary solution to my problem. Currently I'm limiting the max amount of RAM that OS X can use to 3GB (by booting with the flag maxmem=3072). My osx aren't crashing anymore, but this means I'll have to press F8 everytime it boots and enter the flag. Does anybody know a way to bind the flag so it's there by default?
  4. Asus M3A78-EM 10.5.6

    I have this Asus M3A78-EM and it worked fine for a while, but after I upgraded my system to 4GB of RAM, I constantly get kernel panics after a random time of use (even when I leave it idle, it still crashes). I've tried installing the latest kexts for AppleATIATA and IOATAFamily from here (also emptied and reload the caches like someone suggested) but it didn't help. Here's my latest screenshot of the problem. Can anybody help me with this? Or am I out of luck?
  5. I currently have iDeneb 1.4 installed on my computer, but it's very unstable. I get random kernel panic after about 30 mins to 2 hours of use (it actually crashes even if I leave the computer idle). I suspect it may have something to do with the way it handles the hard drives, as I've seen symptoms that it affects other OS'es on the system as well. I have Windows 7 installed on another separate hard drive, and each time I log into Windows after my OS X crashed, it prompts me for a disk consistency check, plus the Windows date & time was all screwed up, also the audio would go "chipmunk". So basically, is there away to prevent Mac from mounting all the partitions on the system when it starts up?
  6. I just did a reinstallation (since I accidentally removed some architectures that I needed) and I remember what it is now, it's called AppleATIATA. Was the first option under 'chipset'. But for some reason my Mac is highly unstable now. It constantly gets a kernel panic every 20 mins of use or so. I tried leaving my comp untouched for a while but the kernel panic still occurs, it's like it was timed or something. It doesn't look like it was caused by any foreground apps in particular, maybe in the background disrupts it.
  7. ASUS M3A78-EM I also have this board, been using it with a Kuma 7750, EVGA 9600GSO Just installed iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 on it yesterday, and everything worked right out of the box for me. Pretty lucky considering it was my first time with OSX86. I thought audio wasn't there but after checking system preferences, everything was fine. I did not have an IDE HD or any Firewire/e-SATA devices so I can't vouch for that though. On the installation, I chose the Voodoo 9.5 kernel, and a chipset supporting SB700 (it was there, I think it was the first option under 'chipset', I can't remember its exact name though, just like you ), ALC1200 for audio and NVInject 320MB for my video card.
  8. iDeneb on Asus M3A78-EM

    I also have this M3A78-EM board running with an AMD Kuma 7750, and 2GB of OCZ DDR2 800Mhz memory, I didn't use the onboard graphic but a EVGA 8800GS (aka 9600GSO) 320MB. I installed iDeneb 1.4 (Leopard 10.5.6) on it and almost everything worked out of the box, sleep and everything (I've not tested Firewire and e-SATA since I don't have any peripheral utilizing that interface yet). I did not install the audio driver during installation process. Now that I wanted to, how do I get it out of the DVD? When I insert the iDeneb DVD again, it simply prompt me to restart so I can install it again. Any help is appreciated, thanks.