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  1. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    You are so nice!!! In my notebook T9300...if I set mobel"Macbookair 1.1" ..Cpu was lock on 2.5ghz.... But in magic...IDA always enable. up to 106%(2.6x ghz), and CPU can into C4 powersave mode..battery time up to 4:30~5:00 If i set model"macbookpro5.1" or macpro3.1 ....etc , NO IDA... Cpu work on 800ghz to 2.5ghz...and no C4 power mode,battery time only 3:50 If i set GeneratePStates=yes, CPU work on 600mhz to 2.5ghz, and no C4 power mode,battery time only 3:30 My cpu T9300 in win7 , work frequency is 200 x12.5=2500, IDA(13.5=2700) be ok,Into C4 mode ,battery time 4:40 Why???? I have to set FSB=183~186 (183x13.5=2500) ,if over 186....I got sound lag and noise..... Thank you,,,this boot working fine
  2. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    added: EIST and IDA are now forced if inactive ?? Please tell me ,How to enable IDA ....My CPU is T9300(2500mhz by 12.5x), it has IDA function...up to 13.5x(2700mhz IDA) Thanks for you and your AnVAL5.0.6 It's best boot for hackintosh... the best !!!!
  3. VoodooPowerMini 1.2.4 for 10.6.x

    MY Acer 2902z intel Pentium Dual-Core 2.0ghz(T3200) install this kext can't be autostep edit info.plist for profile, the profile switch work, but mhz always on low. voodoopower 1.2.3 is good for me , i am waiting for 64 ver voodoopower.
  4. Yes, i have the same situation My book, x3100 in 32 bit sleep working and fine in 64 bit display sleep trouble like your somebody help us!!!
  5. 64bit p-state

    good job !!! :P In your new ver. I have no sleep problem. and How about add menu bar funtion? I think it will better than dock icon....
  6. Kext x64 Broadcom Netlink 5787M

    I want that I want Kext x64 Broadcom Netlink 5787M Hope the Kext with sleep mode
  7. Wireless switch

    I had the same problem!!! My wifi card bcm4312 everytime my laptop wake form sleep, Airport always power off, even I try to turn on Oh my god, Reboot computer is only way.
  8. 64bit p-state

    Quit and relaunch works ? Yes,Quit and relaunch is ok.. But, no need. Just do once ----- cancel & select "Auto"
  9. 64bit p-state

    when wake form sleep, sleep will kill "Auto pstate" , have to cancel & select "Auto" once Intel T3200 2.0GHZ (Pentium Dual-Core) voodoopower 1.2.3 fine but only 32bit in snowleopoard